Pakistan Will Not Take Dictation Says Khawaja Asif
News: Pakistan Will Not Take Dictation Says Khawaja Asif. As per Pakistani media report Pakistan Will Not Take Dictation: Khawaja Asif.  Minister for foreign Affairs Khawaja Asif on Thursday stated that Pakistan will always keep national hobby supreme before taking decisions and will no longer take dictation from any outside electricity or different country. Throughout question hour,… (0 comment)

Suicide Attack in Baghdad Kills at Least 16 Peoples
Baghdad: Suicide Attack in Baghdad Kills at Least 16 Peoples and more then 56 wounded. Really a sad news, Suicide Attack in Baghdad and more then 16 were killed which is not a good news. At the least sixteen humans were killed and sixty five wounded in a twin suicide bombing in valuable Baghdad on Monday, the Iraqi… (0 comment)

Asif Zardari Announces to Contest 2018 Elections from Nawabshah
Today News: Asif Zardari Announces to Contest 2018 Elections from Nawabshah, as per Pakistan media updates.  Former president of Pakistan and co-chairperson of Pakistan human beings’s birthday party (PPP) Asif Ali Zardari has introduced here on Friday that he could contest for the country wide assembly in the widespread Elections 2018 from his native metropolis Nawabshah.… (0 comment)

Saudi Arabia denies report Prince Abdulaziz bin Fahd is dead
Saudi Arabia today entirely dismissed reports that a noticeable sovereign had been killed in a broad hostile to debasement cleanse of the kingdom’s tip top. Sovereign Abdulaziz container Fahd, a child of the late lord Fahd, was supposed to have been slaughtered in care or while opposing capture in the midst of the crackdown at… (0 comment)

New Jersey Town Elects Sikh as Mayor
Top News: In a first, a town in New Jersey (Hoboken) along the Hudson River, elected its first Sikh mayor. Ravinder Bhalla won the decisions two days after flyers did the rounds that marked him a psychological militant, US media revealed. Such a great example of humanity around the world. Ravinder Bhalla have created a history here at… (0 comment)

More then 29 Killed in Boiler Blast at NTPC Plant India
India: Boiler blast incident occur in the town of Unchahar, Uttar Pradesh India. Here at newly commissioned 500 megawatt unit of the “Feroze Gandhi Unchahar” coal fired power plant at NTPC killed more then 29 peoples and injured more then 85 people as per media reports. Still no proper report is issued by official team… (0 comment)