How to submit URL in Google?

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It’s the most frequently asked question how to submit URL in Google? for a newbie it may be an issue but if you are a webmaster and know very well about SEO then it wouldn’t be issue for you. Let me tell you that if you are a newbie then you must submit your website URL in Google. It would leave a message to Google that new website is on and active so bots pay attention to your content. Each time when you submit an article Google crawler go through your content and give a percentage among same content, number of times a Google crawler visits your website, it gives you importance. If you don’t bother about submitting URL in Google, it will slow down your ranking.

Now a days you don’t need to get mastery in SEO because fresh content is automatically liked by Google and it will give you importance on first page with Zero SEO technique. Search in Google “Submit URL in Google”, it will show you a simple submit button like this.

How to submit URL in Google?
How to submit URL in Google?

Now click on Submit button, your website would automatically be added in Google. Search Console is another option just click here and submit your URL directly. Newbie must be familiar with how to find relevant Keywords? so that they can directly pay attention towards quality writing which also may drag some traffic on your website.

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