Adotic Network Review

Adotic Network Review

Company comes with aim of optimized marketing by creating different parameters, you choose your own campaign accordingly and hence it would also deliver a solid way of earning through optimized way. Adotic CPM and CPC will provide a different way to advertiser in order to get maximum return from minimum input.

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Adotic Network Review
Adotic Network Review

There is a list of different countries like, UK, USA, China, Australia, Japan, India and New Zealand where advertiser can show their ads, hence it is cost effective therefore you need not to worry about the causes because you can choose your own plan according to your own budget, company will do the rest when your campaign would be called.

As far as Publishers are concerned they are enriched to earn more money from this CPC and CPM rate which comparatively is far better than any other company offering the same. Publishers can get their payments through different channels like PayPal, Wire, NEFT, Cheque & Western Union. With a vast variety of payment methods and high rate, it also comes with 24 hours help desk, you can directly communicate when ever you need some assistance.


  • Commission Type:CPC, CPM, CPL, CPA
  • Minimum Payment: $20.00 for check /PayPal and $50.00 for NEFT / Western Union / Wire Transfer.
  • Payment Frequency:Twice monthly
  • Payment Method:Paypal,Check, NEFT, Western Union, Wire Transfer
  • Country:India
  • Email: info@adotic .com

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