AdPrimary Network Review

AdPrimary Network Review

Thousands of new companies are offering you same line of services through CPC, CPM and POP, if you look at Adclx and services offered are almost similar to adprimary but difference is created when it comes to rate because rate is a benchmark where you can’t even negotiate with other company live on chat.

AdPrimary comes among the list of top companies due to it’s performance and services offered at right time to online users. This advertising platform helps you to make your campaigns perfect as per your keywords because keywords drag more traffic, if you are not familiar with how to find relevant Keywords? then read our stuff here, it would help you to learn some tricks to find your relevant keywords or search your rival’s keywords.

AdPrimary Network Review
AdPrimary Network Review

Once you have searched for relevant keywords you can built a group of strong keywords, it would help you to find your target traffic. Advertising cost will gain some thing like this way, if you choose random keywords that would also bring some traffic for you but would definitely lose your momentum of traffic and at the end you would lose your traffic for what you paid off?

Company brings lot of new things for you, it provides you 100% rate which is not often provided online, you have flexible ads where you can chose any of the pattern, choose CPM, CPC, CPI and CPV. Choose geographical location to locate your target traffic, pay for each real click, it has conversion tracking system which would help you to track down your traffic. Company has latest anti-fraud click policy, you would be glad to know that you pay for all those real clicks which are verified through system, this anti-fraud system can detect fake traffic generated through fake IPs.

For honest Publishers, there is always a room vacant in every org. similarly company provides you a simple and clean way of earning money, you can choose one of the hottest way to earn.  It accepts traffic from all countries with any language so there is no geographical limitation for traffic, Use PayPal to withdraw your money and you almost need first $5 to withdraw your money.Whether you have a blog, forum or E-commerce website, it would help you to earn money through any channel and by any medium. You have access to 24 hours active help desk which are locked down 2 hours a day to help their Publishers and Advertisers at any time, just ask and member would be in touch with you shortly.


  • Earning type is POP, CPM and CPC
  • Withdraw your money on weekly bases
  • Minimum $5 are required to withdraw
  • Only PayPal can be used to Withdraw money
  • Head office is located in Viet Nam
  • Email:

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