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One of the prominent network that has everything to attract Advertisers and Publishers and may also have the capacity to bind them every time is called For last couple of years dominance of Yllix, Ero-advertising and CPMGO has been phenomenal but now it looks like will cover one of the stage among top listed companies either through rate or mobile traffic. Network Review Network Review

By installing this amazing advertising code in your website will open up different gates of success for you, you can monitor your traffic and also can calculate manually your daily earnings as per model defined on their website. ROI is very high as compared to several different companies who claim to provide high rate but eventually they are misguiding Advertisers. They show less page reviews and low number of clicks due to which they earn more money compared to other companies, this company offers you best rates not comparable to Google Adsense but relatively better than thousands of the companies. Most of the companies claim they are offering more than Adsense but let me tell you honestly Google delivers higher Cost per click rates and you can even earn more money if you are following their strict policies.

If you are a Publisher then you don’t need to worry about it because company has one of the best tracking system to calculate your traffic perfectly, you can even check your daily visitors, clicks and estimated earnings, new graphical representation would help you to show exact figures, there is no hide and seek in this game. If you trust in company will pay you back in terms of money. You can withdraw your money through moneybookers and PayPal as per your request on weekly bases.


  • Earning type is through Click banners, Layer and POP
  • Minimum money to withdraw is 5 €
  • On weekly bases you can withdraw your money
  • Use Bank Transfer, Moneybookers and PayPal to withdraw your income
  • Head office located in DE
  • Telephone:0151/42 62 12 62

After comparing price and rate, i am sure will bring some change for you, you can even check for few weeks if you are satisfied with the quality results then you may carry on with this amazing company. No doubt, there is no match for Adsense but if you are unable to meet Adsense guidelines then some other companies are the alternatives of Adsense.

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