Adsoid Network Review

Adsoid Network Review

Adsoid network is another platform offering you to signup and get $10 as a bonus to all publishers, once you have been logged in $10 would be transferred to your account when balance will cross $20 you can withdraw the money from your account including your $10 joining bonus. Joining bonus will be added with in 24 hours once you sign up.There are different companies like CPVAdvertise Network, Science Media Group, Linkcash Url Shortener, Adpanda, AdvantageGlobalMarketing, Infinityads, JagwarAdsMedia, AdShort, AdserveMediaAdsterra and Novaffil offering same kind of services.

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Adsoid Network Review
Adsoid Network Review

Every visit is important for Publisher because he/she tends to earn from it and hence revenue is generated through with lowest margin.

Adsoid Network Features:

Followings are the key features

  • Payment is biweekly it means you can get your income after two weeks
  • If not then threshold income is applied and it would be transferred in each Friday
  • You earn $10 then you would withdraw $20 as initial income because $10 are awarded as bonus
  • eCPM is roughly higher as compared to others
  • Traffic from USA, UK and other English countries will generate 100% income
  • Approval for website is fast, you login and member will contact you soon
  • There is no kind of traffic bearer to earn money.
  • Commission type is CPM and POP
  • Minimum Payment that you can withdraw is $20 ($10 Publisher Sign Up Bonus)
  • Payment Frequency:Net – 15 (Bi Weekly)
  • Payment Method is through Paypal, Wire, Check
  • Country:United Kingdom
  • Email:

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