AdsTour Network Review

AdsTour Network Review

AdsTour is another great network that comes with more than 269 advertisers and 1314 Publishers who are actively attached with this network currently. Monthly clicks are more than 219K plus and Impressions total has exceeded 160M till to date which is an impressive figure indeed. Impressions of Adcode and ExoClick is also very catchy but AdsTour is a new one and has done a lot better than its potential.

AdsTour Network Review
AdsTour Network Review

If you are an Advertiser and wants to capture more traffic on your website then follow this amazing network because it provides all what an Advertiser needs. It would provide you specific website traffic with Geo targeting. If you need different operating system users traffic you can call their services. I has optimal PPC and CPM advertising with controlled campaigns.


  • Earning Type is through CPC and CPM
  • Minimum $50 can be withdraw
  • You can withdraw after each month
  • Use PayPal or Bitcoin
  • Head office is located in Albania
  • Email:

There are many problems for Publishers because rules are set for them so we would like to share that AdsTour will not only save your time but also will help you to earn in a smart way. As mentioned earlier it has smartest Geo targeting system you can monitor your daily traffic and clicks. There is no restriction on traffic, just login and paste the code after prior approval.



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