Aghori 21 July 2019 Episode Written Update: Kamakshi & Advik Eternal Love

Written Update: Aghori 21 July 2019 Episode Written Update online.

The Episode begins with Haryali tying Advik with a creeper and asking him not to be frightened. He says this vish won’t execute you, it will progress toward becoming blood when you enter my reality. Kamakshi goes to Advik’s room and sees creeper in his room. She supposes he had said that the young lady was a creeper, on the off chance that she took him with her. She sees the creeper going in the overhang and supposes she took him out. She comes up short on the house. Advik says what do you mean by like you.

Haryali says I am the Rani of this wilderness and you will end up being the Raja. She says we will be as one and the fortunate one among many. Kamashi leaves the house and discovers creeper on the stairs. She sees blood stains and thinks about this is of Advik. Haryali says you can’t remain here as a human when you become a tree then I will crawl over you and be with you. She says no one more likely than not considered association like us. Kamakshi goes to the wilderness and thinks where is Advik. She yells calling his name.

Aghori 21 July 2019 Episode

Rudranaath tells Param and Suman that they will spend the cash similarly in the marriage and says we simply need your little girl. Suman says simply as you said. Dravya comes there and says I realize you need only their little girl. She says she is glad to sprinkle water on his arrangement and seeing apprehension all over. He says he isn’t anxious about anybody. Dravya says it is said that one will keep the foe close.

He says our way and goal are the same. Dravya says you trust in slaughtering individuals and I have confidence in sparing them. Rudranaath snickers. Dravya says your dread brought you here. He says it is great that you didn’t bite the dust that day else I wouldn’t have delighted in vanquishing you. Dravya tells that she will win from him. He asks utilizing her siddhis and requests that she discover where is Soham? She says she won’t let him win. Rudranaath says Dravya. Dravya says this is my name, recollect this till your final gasp.

Soham is tied taken care of and kept someplace. He attempts to free himself. Kamakshi is in the wilderness and sees Advik. Advik is getting to be planted in front of her eyes. She asks are you fine. Haryani wards off her utilizing her forces and says I won’t hurt you, don’t be frightened. Kamakshi says you are the creeper about whom he was discussing. She says whatever she is doing isn’t right. Haryali says Advik is a piece of our my reality now and he will remain here until the end of time. Advik looks on and is under the toxin impact.

Aghori 21 July 2019 Episode

Shanaya discloses to Dravya that she is far fetched about Rudranaath. Dravya says she is certain. Shanaya says Rudranaath more likely than not grabbed Soham. Suman indicates adornments to Param for Kamashi and furthermore demonstrates saree for herself. He requests that she get it. Dravya goes to Rudranaath’s room. He pushes her on the entryway utilizing his forces. She progresses toward becoming Aghoran and gets some information about Soham. He asks where did you conceal Kamakshi and Advik.

Dravya is stunned and requests that he tell where he has shrouded Advik and Kamakshi. She says she doesn’t lie. She hits her hand all over. Everybody hears the sound originating from their room while they begin battling. Does Param say what is this sound? Dravya makes Rudranaath falls on the almari. He asks when did you get familiar with this Shakti? She says when I felt the need and requests that he tell where are Advik and Kamakshi. She says nothing will happen to her.

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