Agnifera 6th February 2018 Episode Written Update

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Revathi sees Anurag and Ragini’s sentiment and dumps more work on Ragini. Shristi says she will help Ragini, however Revathi stops her. Rohini sees them. Dulari sees cash on table while clearing floor and quietly takes it. Rohini gets her and says she is taking cash here. Dulari says she will return cash and says she is in this house for 1 year and doing family unit tasks alone. Rohini asks what is Ragini doing at that point. Dulari says in the event that she maddens Revathi, Revathi will rebuff her clearly. Rohini inquires as to why. Dulari discloses to Ragini lied and recounts entire story, says due to Ragini, even Vishu and Shristi are enduring. She tells entire truth and gets apprehensive if Revathi will know, she will get furious. Rohini supposes she kept cash and caught Dulari, now she will perceive how Revathi will inconvenience youthful couples.

Agnifera 6th February 2018 Episode Written Update
Agnifera 6th February 2018 Episode Written Update

Agnifera 6th February 2018 Episode Written Update:

Shristi and Ragini see Anurag and Vishu’s welcome to meet them at an inn for sentimental supper and get energized. Ragini seeks saris and says she will get bangles from her room. Shristi says she can utilize her bangles. Revathi strolls in and requests that they granulate flavors. Shristi inquires as to whether they can crush some now and rest tomorrow. Revathi cautions to do it at the present time and takes off. She requests that Dulari spy them. They both attempt to stupendous flavors with stone processor. Rohini conveys blender processor and requests that they get done with granulating while she holds up outside. Dulari tries to stroll in, however Rohini stops her and takes away to blessing studs. Revathi returns and sees all flavors pounded. She admonishes Dulari and discovers blender processor, says know she knows who offered stud to Dulari and helping Ragini and Shristi.

Raginii and Shristi prepare and supplement each other. Rohini strolls in and requests that they go soon and not let her nephews pause. They take her favors and leave. Anurag and Vishu sit tight for them in an inn. They both reachhotel and message that Sasumaa dumped deal with them, so they can’t come. Anurag and Vishu get disillusioned. Two young ladies sitting in next table notice them and begin being a tease. Ragini and Shristi get envious.

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