What is Appendicitis its Causes and Symptoms

It is really important to know each one of us whether we are parents or children as it is the main reason in most of the death cases which suddenly break our emotions with a simple negligence. If you or any one of yours family member feels pain near your kidney, it delivers an alarming news to you, never waste your time and try to arrange a schedule for checkup to an expert. In most of the cases people are totally unaware of the term “What is Appendicitis its Causes and Symptoms” which i think is the most important thing to know. A rightful information may tends to diminish your risk while saving any one’s life of your lovers. In this particular health related topic “What is Appendicitis its Causes and Symptoms” newbies can learn about appendix and its main causes.

What is Appendicitis its Causes and Symptoms
What is Appendicitis its Causes and Symptoms


Appendix is a small finger shaped organ at the end of large intestine at the lower right side of the abdomen.It is blocked with rock like stool which may tends to grow bacteria in it which laterally cause a reason of appendicitis.In some of the death cases, if blocked Appendix is not removed it may burst inside of your body and thus bacteria grow fast inside you and hence death is certain in this case. It is widely happened between the age of 11-20 while it is minimal in infants.


First Symptoms is that when you feel pain around your bellybutton and mild fever is an other reason of Appendicitis which is giving you a message to think about it. When pain get worse at right side of your belly then you need to call a doctor for this as it is the most critical situation turning out to be very dangerous. Other Symptoms are loss of appetite, vomiting, diarrhea, bloated abdomen or swollen abdomen, low grade fever. If you have any one the stated symptom then call your doctor immediately because you can prevent appendicitis by yourself, it is the doctor’s duty now to help you. If it is not treated with in stated time of 24 hours to 72 hours then appendix may burst inside and thus it would be highly impossible to retreat you again.


It can only treated if infected appendix is removed timely otherwise no proper medicine can not reprocess blocked appendix to work again naturally. Once it is removed surgically then you are treated for your wound only as you are now out of the danger.

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