area code 602 location

Area code 602 location

Area code 602 is the telephonic code of the State of Arizona with maximum coverage of city of phoenix. This was generated in 1947. Because of the huge increase in population the State was divided in to two parts and hence the code was also split in two codes. The reason behind was to decease the burden of telephonic conversation and communication. This also increased the huge demand of dial up connection simultaneously. Due to this reason most of the States uses more than one code just to minimize the burden.

area code 602 location
area code 602 location

Now the State of North America has more than more than two codes that are now working in good condition by creating a significant commutation. Area code 602 location is too old and is considered to be the oldest code. It has been considered that people are crazy to get such code at there home and personal use. This code is basically has a resemblance with phoenix city and is still the code of that city. Area code 602 is covering the whole area of Arizona. Code 602 was divided in to 520 and 602 but due to over population in 1999 and 623 and 480 was again formed to make it safe. Area Code 602 include Laveen, Phoenix and Scottsdale

A new situation came in front of the World when Maricopa Country was divided in to North and South in 2001. One part that is Southern part is using 520 that is the split part of 620 but the other part is using 928. If history is revised then it can be easily observed that Phoenix city begins with a man who came here for trade and earning purpose. His name was Jack Swilling. He was the person who observed the real culture of real people and all possible natural facilities which attracted him very much. He made communities and many canals to make this city prosperous.

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Above article presents the true picture of Area code 602. It defines that Phoenix is the city which is using this code. This city is the Capital of Arizona and Arizona is the populated one among all states of United States of America. According to census of 2010, its total population was more than one and half million. Metropolitan are of Phoenix is well-known as the Valley of the sun. Eventually this state is very much populated as compared to others, that’s why its codes has been changed for several times.

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