What are backlinks?

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Want to know about back-linking? then topic “What are backlinks?” can help & improve your concepts in this particular subject. By creating back links we can easily link one website to another which also increases your traffic. Backlinks define the indication of popularity or importance of that definite website. Web-masters want to know why it is so important to build backlink? Or What are backlinks?

Number of links backing up your site holds an important place in Google search engine. It is just like a hyper link on dofollow websites that can be any forum, blog or directory site. There was a time when Google was giving too much importance to High PR (Page Rank) websites and pages. Let me tell you something about Page Rank, if your website is of PR 1 then your website’s pages can’t be greater than PR1 it would be less than or equal to PR1. PR systematic rule defines for any website from low to high stated as under.

What are backlinks?
What are backlinks?

“NA, PR0, PR1, PR2, PR3, PR4, PR5, PR6, PR7, PR8, PR9, PR10”

Submitting back-links of your websites will help you to increase your traffic in real sense. To be dominant at Google first page means a lot for your website, suppose you want to increase a traffic of any keyword like “How to create a blog?” then you can put a hyper links on dofollow websites on blogs, forums, directories and guest posts. The more you build back links of specific keyword, the high ranked it would be. Linkbuilding needs almost three months to come at Google first page and last for almost 3 months.

Now Google is going to refine its search by applying Google Panda and Penguin strategies. New algorithm supports only White Hat SEO techniques and going to ban black hat SEO techniques. Spammed websites and keywords have been blocked in last two years and millions of spammed pages have been blocked now. You must to comment on each website with specific narration without copying from any other website. Blog commenting is the key to place your keyword on top of the search engines. New bloggers don’t know how to get dofollow websites with SEO footprints but I would help them there by which they would be able to find thousands of the dofollow websites. Don’t use any software to place your links because manual links are highly appreciated in Google algorithm.

“BacklinkWatch” can help you to find relevant links of different website; you can choose your rival’s website to search dofollow websites where he had posted his links. This strategy can also help you to overcome your competitors place in Google. “Backlinkwatch” is a free website which will guide you to search links online. You don’t need registration for this website. Don’t be greedy when you find dofollow websites because it would demolish your website’s ranking if any black hat method was used. Always use proper white hat method to scroll up your keyword among top of the websites.

Your keyword>Placed on dofollow websites> Ranked on Google’s first page

What’ right for your website’s page which has been written today and it has not yet been ranked because many of the top listed web pages are on Google’s first page, there backlinks work for you and may improve your keyword ranking in less than three months. It would be sticky for almost three months but you have to build more and more backlinks so that your page must be on top for maximum time period.

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