Best Comedy Movies of 2009

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Drama and comedy are two different ways of entertainment and comedy has been pretty decent for all times to attract more and more people in cinemas. It is the desired field of every person of any age. Either a child or an old person both likes comedy very much,There are many comedy movies that are available here in market and on internet. All of them are very special and very entertaining. Best comedy movies of 2009 include movies and videos. I have watched out many comedies movies but I liked Zombieland very much and it was the block buster comedy movie of the year 2009 ranked first among all comedy movies. The hangover and Fantastic Mr. Fox were also ranked high in this year.

Best Comedy Movies of 2009
Best Comedy Movies of 2009

This world is fast world and is entering in 3D movies where you can get pure and real results, you don’t need to be panic at all, and such movies are so real that they are not easily to be declared as fake. So there comedy plays a real role, people want to amuse themselves form different tricks, some one like to play games, and other watch movies. Comedy helps you to smile and laugh. This provide a new look to your worried face. People smile on their faces while watching a movie, that’s what we need and that is the demand of the public as well. Make sure that you will be free from all kind of mental stress. Comedies of 2009 were very attractive and very entertaining with all aspects. A full comedy may cause heart attack, so there is a kind cohesion form our side that heart patients enjoy up to desired extent because continuous laughing may cause any problem.

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Movie that is called as 40-Year-Old Virgin was also ranked in best comedy pictures. I liked the way he performed in this movie. It was too nice that how he changes himself even when he was 40 years old. Movie also gives a reasonable lesson to virgins as well. But for comedy sense, it is a pure touch of high class production. So it is not possible to mention over here a detail of all movies but I would like to tell one thing that comedy 2009 was best I all, and has attracted all time to its viewers. Video are also known over the world, video collection on internet is another kind of comedy collection. These videos are extracted from different kind of people in real life, some are mishaps and some are predefined real videos, but all in all they are also best to laugh. They have short time but great laughter.

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