Bigg Boss 12 today 18 November 2018 Written Update – No Elimination Today

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In front of an audience, Salman says Shiv disrupted the norms and was expelled. Salman says one will be disposed of today. Salman welcomes Farah Khan. Salman gets some information about competitors? Farah says gives talk access regards to them, given me a chance to indicate you? Dipika: She resembles a churlish brat. She genuinely considers Sreesanth her sibling, however, he just exploits it and stays away for the indefinite future the feelings. Megha: Clip indicates Megha endeavoring to help Sree with no reason. Her battles and getting furious.

Bigg Boss 12 today 18 November 2018 Written Update
Bigg Boss 12 today 18 November 2018 Written Update

Bigg Boss 12 today 18 November 2018 Written Update

Deepak: Farah says his hand is in the sling yet he battles the most in errands. Clasp demonstrates him battling with detainees and his distribute of the sling. Resembles Katappa (of Bahubali), his hand is in a sling yet at whatever point there is a functioning assignment, he is the person who gets generally physical Sreesanth: Everything that occurs in this house rotates around Sreesanth. Two claims to fame: 1. He generally says he won’t go to imprison, yet later he eats sustenance and afterward goes to imprison. 2. He generally changes what he says – affronts another person and after that asserts that he is offending himself.

Farah says to Salman top three are Sree, Deepak, and Dipika. Salman hits the dance floor with her and takes the selfie. Salman says she will go in-house, she clears out. Farah Khan goes into the house. She welcomes everybody. Farah sits with them. Farah says Surbhi you look great today. She discloses to Dipika never to stop Sreesanth again when he gets irate. Give the group of onlookers a chance to perceive what occurs, she tells Dipika. Farah says we will copy Gerua. Deepak and Somi attempt to move to Gerua

The two can’t quit laughing even as Deepak works admirably of lip matching up to the melody. Be that as it may, Farah isn’t awed with their any coordination. She pushes Rohit to supplant Somi and to hit the dance floor with Deepak. The outcomes are funny and the candidates can’t quit giggling even as Farah shouts guidelines at them from the sidelines. Rohit sentiments with Deepak who is uneasy. Rohit embraces him and kisses his head. All applaud Rohit.

Farah says we will have a television show of Sristy and Romil. Romil completes a phony talk appear as the individual who interviews Srishty who emulates Dipika. Sristy says I was pitiful in-house. Romil asks you like Saiyan (spouse) or bhaiya (sibling)? Sristy says Saiyan is in my heart and bhaiya is for cash. Dipika isn’t awed. Srishty at that point mirrors Megha Dhade and the manner in which she shouts and removes her shoe as though she will hit him with it – something Megha had done before. Next, Srishty impersonates Sreesanth. She gets on to her seat and imagines how he generally attempts to escape the house, yet Sreesanth doesn’t think that it’s amusing. Farah says to Romil that you have pleasantly.

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