Bigg Boss 12 today 18 November 2018 Written Update

Bigg Boss 12 today 21st October 2018 Written Update – Sourabh Eliminated

Indian Bigg Boss 12 today 21st October 2018 Written Update. Trending shows Bigg Boss 12 today 21 October 2018 Written Update. Individuals have a go at assaulting Mishka and Kalasur. Kalasur says bring Gauri here or I will execute all of you. Gauri says we need to go. Meenakshi says to Vikram you aren’t going. I can’t lose my better half like my child. A person says he has kept Anjali with him. Raj says I will murder him. Gauri says I will go. He can’t hurt me. Raj says I will run with you. On the off chance that we go together he can’t do anything. Gauri and Raj come there. Kalasur says Gauri you are here at long last. Prithvi says stop this. Kalasur says on the off chance that you wanna spare these individuals come to me. Raj says you are a defeatist. You will never have Gauri. You will just have the end. Kalasur says request that he quiets down. Accompany me Gauri. Raj says she is my better half. Kalasur says I will take her with me. Raj wears the chunri. Kalasur can’t see him.

Bigg Boss 12 today 21st October 2018 Written Update
Bigg Boss 12 today 21st October 2018 Written Update

Bigg Boss 12 today 21st October 2018 Written Update

Raj assaults him. Raj says tantrik can’t see me. Come to get me on the off chance that you can. Kalasur says Mishka execute her. They assault Anajli, however, Guru mama comes there and consumes Miska. She spares Anjali too. Somebody tosses in a rope at Kalasur. It is Dharam. Raj holds that rope with Dharam. Gauri says you. Dharam says yes I am alive. we don’t have abandon him. Kalasur is consuming. They all tie Kalasur. He says let me go. Raj Gauri and Dharam request that individuals clear out. Raj says to Dharam I am so sad. I ought to have confided in you and my better half. Everybody goes home leaving Kalasur tied there. Gauri and Raj return home. Gauri says we can’t slaughter him like that. It isn’t that simple. There is a dark cap lady who is helping Kalasur. she will effectively go and spare him.

Master mama is doing her enchantment. She says let’s enter the town and do our pooja. After that, we can execute Kalasur. Mishka comes there. She says I need to spare Kalasur. Mishka can’t enter the town. She says I can’t go in. Gauri says that lady is extremely sharp. She will go to encourage Kalasur. we need to know her identity. Raj says we need to watch out for everybody. Roma says he shouldn’t go alive this time. Gauri says nobody ought to escape home. Ananiya is frightened. Prithvi says we don’t need to e terrified. We are for the most part together. Roma swoons. Prithvi says roma what occurred. Everybody swoons. Solid breezes are blowing.

Gauri and Raj are close Kalasur. She says Raj see there.. The dark cap lady. Se will come to encourage Tantrik. Raj says let me glance around for her. Raj goes into the wilderness to search for that lady. Nobody is there. He sees her strolling past. Raj says I will stop you today. The lady pours water. Gauri sees her. She endeavors to stop her. Mishka ties Gauri. Gauri says don’t stress in regards to me Raj. Execute him. Laxmi hits the dark cap lady and comes towards her. She says what was the deal? You figured you would black out everybody? You kept me alive for that 50 years. I didn’t drink that tea. I saw what you blended in the tea. I will remove your cover and demonstrate your face to everybody. Everybody will know your identity and for what reason are you doing this. You will be uncovered before everybody. You tricked my Gauri and my little girl. I will see your face. Laxmi removes her shroud. This is Roma. She says I am not that lady. I did this to spare Raj’s life. I am not that lady. I am doing this for Raj. I was terrified for his life. So I blacked out everybody. I am so sad. I did this for Raj. Go and tell everybody except. For my child, I helped that fallen angel. Laxmi says I will tell everybody. They will choose together. Roma throttles Laxmi.

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