Bigg Boss 12 today 18 November 2018 Written Update

Bigg Boss Season 12 Today 4 Nov 2018 Written Update – Urvashi Eliminated

Here is Bigg Boss Season 12 Today 4 Nov 2018 Written Update. In today episode, Bharti and Salman start the show with a move. Salman moves on-prem ratan than pay. Salman says Bharti is running in the house with Aaditya, she takes off. In front of an audience, Salman invites everybody to appear. Salman says 5 detainees are assigned that are Urvashi, Shiv, Jasleen, Rohit and Megha. Salman interfaces call to the house. All are sitting in the garden. Salman says all of you are solid. Does he inquire as to whether he is a missing family? KV says a ton. Salman says let’s do to an extraordinary undertaking, see who is negative and who is certain in-house. Salman says positive one will get desserts. Jasleen says Romil is negative, he endeavors to control. Romil says don’t lie.

Bigg Boss Season 12 Today 4 Nov 2018 Written Update
Bigg Boss Season 12 Today 4 Nov 2018 Written Update

Bigg Boss Season 12 Today 4 Nov 2018 Written Update

Jasleen influences Somi to gobble desserts and says she illuminates house with her grin. Romil points the finger at Jasleen for being a negative impact in the house and acts like she doesn’t comprehend things. He gives a sweet to Surbhi for spreading light in the house. Surbhi says Karanvir spreads obscurity in the house and the sweet to Romil. Somi makes Sree wear the negative band and gives the positive band to Romil. Salman says you didn’t offer desserts to Deepak? all snicker. Megha makes Romil wear the antagonistic band and says he centers around influencing individuals to lose more than winning. Megha offers desserts to Dipika and says acting cannot be done in this house. Salman says you called her liar and phony. Megha says no. Salman closes call.

In the house, Jasleen inquires as to whether he plotted against her? Romil says no. Jasleen embraces him. Bharti Singh and Aditya Narayan go into the BB 12 house. Bharti and Aaditya offer desserts to the housemates. Bharti says all of you are looking like desserts. Aaditya sings for detainees. Bharti says its a hit appear. Aaditya raps for detainees, making them chuckle.

Bharti tells everybody that the Khushiyon Ka Pitara has endowments from everybody’s home except they should gain them by performing assignments. Bharti asks Deepak for what valid reason he plays with Somi? view her. She calls Deepak and Somi in front of an audience. Bharti requests that he say I cherish you. HE becomes flushed and says its. Bharti says to say it in style. He sits on his knees and holds her hand, he says I adore you. Aaditya says Deepak looks focused. Deepak is given new garments by Bharti and Aaditya for Diwali.

For the first test, Rohit-Srishty and Jasleen-Shivashish need to do the paper test, by moving on a sheet of paper till the melody plays and afterward overlay the paper once it stops and afterward moves on it again when music plays. They move on little paper. Rohit nearly hits the dance floor with Christy. At the point when paper folds, Rohit keeps Sristy on down and moves. Shiv holds Jasleen in his arms. Rohit-Srishty wins the assignment and gets coins. For the second test, Deepak is approached to sing a melody for Somi in the second undertaking. He sings there nation. All applaud. Aaditya sings a melody for Somi as well, as individuals ridicule Deepak. Aaditya hits the dance floor with Sami on Ae Dil hai Mushkin. Bharti reassures Aaditya. Bharti gives them coins.

Surbhi and Romil are given the undertaking of rapping. Surbhi prods Karanvir calling him chachi, she raps for Sreesanth saying he continues running, she prods Jasleen for saying she warms up the house when she enters the pool, while Romil targets Dipika, Megha by rapping. Bharti gives them coins. In the next undertaking, KV and Sree need to do clench hand battle. Sree influences him to lose effectiveness. Bharti says the last rivalry is that Dipika and Urvashi need to make and eat laddos. They both make and eat them. Bharti says Dipika won it effortlessly. Bharti, Aaditya go out. Individuals get their blessings and open them. Deepak gets a letter from his home and is in tears. Dipika makes her marry photograph. Sreesanth breaks into tears as he gets a card and her new uniform from his little girl. KV reassures him. Megha says give us endowments as well.

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