Chaudhry Nisar postpones press conference due to ‘extreme backache’

Interior Minister’s spokesperson told me that Ch. Nisar Ali Khan will not be able to hold his press conference due to severe backache as he has been recommended complete bed rest for few days.

While briefing to media he said more about the press conference that it has has been postponed to Monday 5 PM.

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Inside story is still behind the fog no matter what comes next but it is clear from the court that all evidences and fake documents would go against the PM and his family.

Chaudhry Nisar postpones press conference due to 'extreme backache'

Chaudhry Nisar postpones press conference due to ‘extreme backache’

Spokesperson insisted that the press conference was only delayed to bad health and advised media to stay away from the swirl rumors about this verbal clash as one TV channel had reported that Federal Minister Saad Rafiq, Tanvir Hussain and Shahid Khaqan Abbasi not only met Ch. Nisar but also requested him to secretly cancel his press conference where channel said that Ch. Nisar was about to terminated his 35 years association with PM Nawaz Sharif.

Inside Story : Ch Nisar is leaving Nawaz Sharif 

As per other news channels it was only a rumor and there was no proper evidence to justify but today’s cancellation of Press Conference shows a lot about the reality of that news, perhaps he has been secretly clinched to quite the meeting.

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