Child Labor and its Solution

Child labor is one of the biggest problems for the whole world. Not only,  the developing countries are the big prey of child labor ghost but developed countries are also not safe of it. The whole world is trying to overcome the problem and some countries got good results. Here are some reasons that why children are forced for child labor and what are its solutions.

1: The Poverty

The first and the main reason of  child labor is the poverty. The world can’t finish the poverty. It is impossible. However,  it can be reduce. Its simple solution is charity. It has different ways like zakat in Islam, helping the needy as a human beings Fitrana etc. If the rich people give zakat and charity, then the poor children can also study instead of working.

2: Kidnapping

The second main reason of child labor is kidnapping of the children. Kidnappers play double game. They receive money from their parents and then sale them next who are the owners of the child labor societies. Some often these children made disabled and then forced for begging.


Government should take strict action against the kidnappers. It is the duty of police that they should meet the beggar children and worker children to investigate that what is the reason that they are begging and who is forcing them to do so.

3: Drugs

The third and very critical condition is drugs. It can have different types.

I): The father can be drug addictive. He will think only about his drugs and will sale everything of the house. He can’t pay attention to his children. Maybe he force the children to do work for money. This could be very critical condition for the society. In this condition both boys and girls can be involve in child labor.

II): second type is that the holding personalities of child labor can addict the children of drugs and then make them what they want. Thus a child become drug addict and work for money to fulfill his desire. The drugs delivers are very cunning. They will provide the drugs free of cost in start and when they become drugs addictive, thy will charge for drugs. Therefor the children will work to earn money.

The drugs delivers can also use these addictive children as drugs smuggler because a child can be good smuggler. No one will notice that a small child can have drugs with him. When these addictive children become useless (because a child can’t bear the drugs for long time) or neat to death, they can sale the parts of their body.

These kinds of children are also thy prey of sexual desired people.


All these types have very easy solution. If police investigate from an addictive that where from he buys the drugs, then they can easily approach the drug delivers. The society can also play an important role. If we see a doubted person, we should call the police to investigate. If we know the people who are involve in child labor crime, we shall inform the higher authorities.

4: Orphans

Near about 50% prey of child labor are the orphan children. These children can’t afford their studies. If they study free of cost then how can their family members survive without money? So these children try to support their families by working in workshops etc.


The people which can afford should help the orphans so that they can continue their studies. Government should make schools or should bear the whole expenses of studies for orphans. Government should provide the all things including single pencil. The NGO’s should also take part. They should work for these children.

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