Choti Sardarni 29 July 2019 Episode Written Update: Sharma Comes to Kulwant

Written Update: Choti Sardarni 29 July 2019 Episode Written Update online today.

Amrita reviews what Kulwant said. Jaga says what Meher caught herself in. Mummy ji even consented to get them wedded however he needed 2 crores. He would slander my sister. Also, Meher. Amrita says just mummy ji is in charge of this. Mummy ji did this to her not Manav. He says what are you saying. Amrita says wouldn’t you be able to see this? Mummy ji wanted to kill him yesterday. Meher called me and I became more acquainted with mummy ji deceived us. she approached somebody accessible as needs be for a sword.

Amrita asked him is Manav coming today? She said no he would come tomorrow. Amrita says she sent us both to my folks. We were Meher’s ally. He says mummy ji can never do this. Amrita says they adored one another. Manav was instructed. He was prepared to turn into an official. He was such a decent person. He could never request such cash he adored Meher. Jagga says enough. Mummy ji lost her little girl and you are stating my family is insane? I am certain he more likely than not said this.

Choti Sardarni 29 July 2019

Amrtia says Meher and Manav cherished one another. He says how might you believe somebody you didn’t meet? What’s more, my mother and your family is a liar? You’re denouncing my mother? Amrita says I am just observing the reality. He leaves. Meher looks outside. She reviews Manav embracing her paunch. She reviews her minutes with Manav. Param awakens. He says I need to go to the bathroom. Sarab takes her.

Bitu and Rana play chess with Jagga. Jagga says I would celebrate with my lions today. He makes them drink. Jagga says did you take the dead body to correct spot? Rana says yes we tossed the body in a stream. Jagga says I am pleased with both of you. He requested 2 crores. Does Rana say d you figure he could express anything to our mother? He didn’t let out the slightest peep and mummy ji wounded him. Mummy ji wounded him without saying a word. Jagga is entranced. He reviews what Amrita said. He reviews how Kulwant lied. Jagga stands up in displeasure. Amrita takes a gander at him.

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