Clicksor Review and Proof

Clicksor Review and Proof

Clicksor is top leading company across the planet and considered one of the fastest growing network due to dedicated services and delegation of modern techniques used to form a company with positive image. Internet marketing is a place of rapid growth and development so company aims higher to provide a cluster of mighty services equipped with modern technology similarly Xtargeting is using the same pattern online.

Clicksor Review and Proof
Clicksor Review and Proof

Quality of traffic matters a lot so the company main focus is to provide and nurture the way of quality users therefore it has lot of different banners, contextual ads, pop under and many more in order to provide best quality services to Advertisers through their best Internet Marketing services.

In order to meet up modern challenges company has advanced system to detect fake or scam clicks just be saving money on Advertisers and to provide quality search to him/her. It is currently operating in more than 196 countries by serving more than 12 years in a row.

Blogging is the main reason due to which company has planned to introduce Contexual ads, these ads are really attractive and cause no burden on your website. While sticking to your content user can switch to another related stuff which actually will work for you. Dominate yourself by expanding the vision of long tail keywords. Company is Canada based so pattern of withdrawing income is simple as you can withdraw it from Bank, through cheque or PayPal with their possible threshold amount. Company provides a change to Publisher to withdraw money twice per month, it means you can get your income right after 15 days.


  • Commission Type:Inline Text Links,Text Banners,Graphical Banner,Pop-Unders,Interstitial Ads
  • Minimum Payment:Bank Wire ($1000 USD)  Paypal ($50 USD)  Check ($50 USD)
  • Payment Frequency: Pays twice per month/NET 15
  • Payment Method:Paypal,Cheque,Wire
  • Country:CA
  • Telephone: +1.866-708-1666Email:

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