Compressor Definition

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Compressor is a machine which is used to increase the pressure of any gas and air. In “Compressor Definition” we can say that, a device which can be used to boost up the pressure of any gas. General engineering which is know as GE company define compressor as “Any rotating, reciprocating device which compress the gas to increase its pressure”. Compressors are the main part of any industry in the world. For fertilizer company, oil refineries and other small industries compressor are playing a key role in operation. Too many famous companies are offering their products services for that purpose. These days “Atlas Copco” and “Ingersoll Rand” compressor are used because they are providing operational and maintenance services for free (One Year Only).

Compressor Definition

  1. Name: Compressor
  2. Company: Too many serving right now
  3. Purpose: Increase the pressure of Gas & Air
  4. Widely used: High pressure air for instruments operation etc.
  5. High pressures gases for production purpose like ammonia compressor, synthesis compressor etc.

    Compressor Definition
    Compressor Definition

There are too many types of Compressor which can be classified as per their role in industry. For plant air purpose, positive displacement air compressor are used commonly and centrifugal compressors are used for synthesis gas or also for ammonia gas as well. The aim of providing “Compressor Definition” is to help young students who are looking for simple and easy definition of NH3 compressors and instrument air compressor. These days companies order compressors as per their requirement in industry. The major parts of any compressors are its stages, lubrication system, sealing system, cooling system, main driving device (Motor) etc.

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