Courtesy of Blogging – Top 5 Most Successful Bloggers

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Blogging started as a forward step to step up your revenue, may also help you to enhance your interpersonal skills with a writing ability of conveying your message through meaningful words. A small blog started for no reason would turn into a handsome earning one day. It is called a courtesy of blogging for me, as the fact remains same if you look at the revenue, because bloggers have a passion to start their work with aim to jump up and up in search engines, all you need is to get more and more traffic. When traffic comes in your way, you can divide it in to different forms by taking a help of most famous ads companies but Adsense for newbies is a cream. It is an Adsense which helps you at an initial level. No doubt, you have traffic but there is no match for Adsense for a basic website master.

Courtesy of Blogging - Top 5 Most Successful Bloggers
Courtesy of Blogging – Top 5 Most Successful Bloggers

Blogging is a vast subject and we may not even cover a single phase of it, if we comprise it in to a logical form then we can easily say that “Blogging is a way of communication with your users through your own tone, blogs may be on any subject, course of business or anything where you have a command. It may be a small website that may also help you to boost your business locally or internationally”.

Successful Bloggers – Courtesy Of Blogging

There are many names in a successful bloggers list, most of the Indian bloggers did well and now earning a handsome income per month. Blogging is a stressed based job which needs a lot of temperament and passion to carry on your blog. Blogging changed their lives after few years, you may even read about them stated as under but amount shared in not genuine as no one clearly mention the channel or sources of income, it is an estimated figure as per their traffic and alexa rank.

1.Harsh Agarwal

Harsh Agarwal is a founder of where he has shared so many blogging techniques and his real income per month.

Website :

Rank : 1908

Earning accumulated per month : US $20000+ per month.

2.Syed Balkhi

A Pakistani blogger who migrated to USA where he started his journey as a blogger, his famous blog is which is one the most prominent place for newbies to start their blogs.

Website :

Rank : 2253

Earning accumulated per month : US $14000+ per month.

3.Amit Agarwal

Famous Indian blogger who is known by his tech blog, as a founder of his blog, he started his own journey and estimated figure is still not shared online but due to traffic, estimated income is not justifiable as shared on different blogs.

Website :

Rank : 4200

Earning accumulated per month : US $12000+ per month.

4.Faisal Farooqui

Faisal Farooqui is another famous Indian blogger who is earning a lot from his website, website sharing is stated as under.

Website :

Rank : 4196

Earning accumulated per month : US $12000+ per month.

5.Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai

A young boy from Karachi city started his blog in almost 2009 when he was just able to earn $9 per month, for many reasons he continued his journey and how his blog stands good in Pakistan where he is capable to earn a handsome amount.

Website :

Rank : 10680

Earning accumulated per month : US $8000+ per month.

Earning shared on this blog is an estimated figure but it clearly leaves a good impression about blogging, if you have a blog and you want to earn from it, wait till to your turn and see what kind of response do you get from your original traffic.

Blogging has made many people rich in each country, it is not necessary that your blog must be in English, you can even write in your local language which may attract a local or geographical traffic on your blog. Hope you would be surprised to know more about top 10 Indian Bloggers or top 10 Pakistani Bloggers. The way they started is quite fascinating and exceptionally well and now they are earning much more than your expectation.

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