How To Create a Blog?

How To Create a Blog (Update 2018)

Still looking for a unique and perfect information about How To Create a Blog (Update 2018) then you have a chance of starting online blogging career. I knew every newbies must be confused about “How To Create a Blog?” without any external information and guideline. Almost every new blogger have not too much idea about blogging, then he start searching about that topic and get new information on daily basis about blogging and its creation. When i start working on my 1st blog oh actually was a blog-spot, I have no idea about its creations, categories and its posting as well. I want to share few lines about blog-spot because we can not neglect the power and importance of world best search engine Google. I am pleased to share that Google allows their registered users to take some advantages of free website with hosting, i mean anyone can make their blog with Google blog-spot which is great specially for those people who wants to invest nothing and can earn a bit after five or six months. Remember your website on blog-spot should be your selected domain blogspot dot com. Hard work, your passion and your skills can bring such an amazing results through Internet. I think newbies & fresh graduates can find a perfect way of “make money online” with a blog. The main aim & purpose of providing the information about “How To Create a Blog?” is to help young students and newbies.

How To Create a Blog (Update 2018)

Your first impression & effort can provide you a perfect way of make money online by spending some on Internet. Be smart and start your blogging career right now without any kind of hesitation. Your few important steps like selection of blog domain name, blog niche, on page & off page SEO, powerful hosting, qualified and highly skilled writing team, proper site optimization etc can bring some magical results within few months. If you have some confusion about WordPress then must read wordpress themes, widgets & menus topic.

Your best, accurate and top class instructor is Google and here you can search everything about blogging, its tools and plugins as well. By following few important steps anyone can create their own blog within 10 to 25 minutes only. In short words, a man how can use Internet and read & send emails then he is capable to make a blog. So, we can say that, making a blog is so easy and simple because blogging doesn’t required any extra skills like HTML, Java and many other languages as well. Everything is installed automatically, you will learn about this. Your education and age doesn’t matter, Have a passion to make a blog then simple follow mt instructions properly and get your blog in less then 30 minutes. I have a great topic for you to read, Start your Own blog after reading this you will never hesitate to make a blog.

Choose Blog Topic:
The most important and basic thing is to pick a unique and perfect blog topic which can play a key role in your blogging career. Have any personal interest or hobby? One thing is quite clear that your 1st impression could be the lost, must pick a great topic for your blog. If you have some skills and knowledge about anything else then choose the topic and start your blog. When i started my 1st blog i choose news and entertainment topic because i am really interested in these topic and have too much idea about cricket, its rules, hockey, match schedules and players rankings and profiles etc. By choosing my own favorite topic, writing articles for my own blog become so easy and simple for me because i have too much idea about this. Never copy any content from other blogs, because this is too clear that Google, Bing, Yahoo and other famous search engines hates copy paste content. You can share your whole day activities and hobbies with your own blog. “Selection of any perfect topic for your own blog is commonly known as blog Niche”. For further guideline about blog niche selection, you can get some help from Google.

How To Create a Blog?
How To Create a Blog?

Platform for blogging Self paid of free?
Tough one but very important section during blog creation process. I want to tell you that, WordPress is incredible in that category and we can not neglect this at any stage during that process. Almost 76+ million active download of world most famous and incredible WordPress. I would like to suggest you to make a perfect and friendly blog by using WordPress because they provides some amazing easy features which are mention below;

  • Free themes and layouts
  • Simple in posting and writing a blog post.
  • Free plugins for SEO purpose.
  • Make categories and menus quite easily.
  • Take advantage from social networking websites
  • Your viewers can share, like and comment on your post

As well all know that UNLIMITED is actually not UNLIMITED in all categories same situation is here about FREE website is actually not a free website. This is true that anyone can make a website with blogging, weebly and many other brands but they can get their personal site at all. These kind of plate-from provides opportunity to create sub-domain under their authority. Simple example is that i have my owned website “doit dot pk” which is perfect, but i can get same name through blogging dot com. Too many issues and problems occurs during working on sub domains. Those people who really likes to work hard and want to earn something through Internet without investing any money then these kind of platforms are perfect for them. You ca not control your website properly and your blog can DELETE without any warnings and emails if you tried to cross any limit. Your earning will very less with free websites, Its really tough to earn online through free hosted websites, if your blog have too many visitors then you can get 50% of your earning which mean half/half.

Investment in personal domain?
Prices are affordable and anyone can purchase their owned or self hosted domain name. You can get your desired and favorite domain with less then 10$/year and web hosting which is used to connect your website with Internet is in the range of 3.5$ to 8$ per month. For WordPress any hosting is not better then “Blue Host” because they are offering cheapest rates with free dot com domain for life. Learn How To Create a Blog? by using some smart tricks and also by following some tips. In this topic “How To Create a Blog (Update 2018)” this is most important section.

Unique Domain Name:
Your decision to b your own hosted domain is perfect and it will work for you. Now try to search out standing and golden domain names, although hit will take some extra time but that will provide some great results at the end. That time millions of websites are available and its really difficult to remember any long tail domain name so don’t purchase any long tail random domain. Instead of that name visitors will remember smart and easy name without any kind of hesitation. So always find & book a unique, short and perfect blog name to start a professional blog. For a perfect name for your new blog, you have to take a look at sedo dot com with provides equal opportunities to everyone to buy a used domain online. You have to check the domain either this is blocked from Google or Adsense then don’t buy it. In that particular topic How To Create a Blog (Update 2018), i think this is most important section as well.

How to buy a domain and hosting?
Its really simple and easy to get hosting and domain name, i think those networks which allows to registered and domain and then their hosting are simply good for beginners. World famous hosting companies like BLUE-HOST, Go-daddy, NAME-CHEAP etc allows users to buy domain and hosting on same account. That will save your time and money as well. With these kind of networks you can get 24 hours online support and simple WordPress installation as well. I will suggest to every new users to read reviews before making any decision about hosting plan. Just talk with their online support center technical staff member and get all information first and the make any decision. Sharing is Caring, must share this useful information with your mates by using your socal media accounts.

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