Daayan 14th July 2019 Episode Written Update: Doctor Informs Jahnvi

Written Update: Daayan 14th July 2019 Episode Written Update online.

Prachi looks through family at home and diminishes of checking with Vishaka. While passing by means of Harsh’s room, she hears Harsh addressing his little child girl and disclosing to Jananta will be back soon and for that, he needs to obey Asha and become daayan. She asks god to help her prevent Harsh from getting Daayan’s grasp. She wears rudraksh mala thinking daayan can’t contact her in the event that she wears rudraksha.

Aakarsh with Brijesh asks individuals where are shiv sanctuary and its poojari. Everybody denies with the exception of one who says there is sanctuary however no poojari. Brijesh says poojari thinks behind the sanctuary, so they ought to go there. Jahnvi family takes her to the medical clinic for fetus removal in lieu of sonography. Specialist requests to put on something else. Jahnvi inquires as to for what reason to change garments for sonography.

Family demands her and once in the room, she sees no sonography machine. Specialist picks infusion. Jahnvi gets suspicious and inquires as to why infusion for sonography. Taiji demands and once the specialist gives infusion, Jahnvi falls oblivious. Taiji apologizes her. Satrupa watches stowing away. The specialist sees Jahnvi’s stomach dark and does sonography. She exits and illuminates family that Jahnvi and her child are sound, so there is no requirement for fetus removal. Family demands, however, she denies.

Daayan 14th July 2019 Episode

Satrupa mesmerizes her and sends her to perform premature birth. Brijesh takes Aakarsh to 2-3 sanctuaries. Aakarsh gets suspicious and requests to tell the truth. Brijesh apologizes him and concurs that family is getting Jahnvi’s premature birth and does not need Aakarsh to stop it. Satrupa comes to there to stop Aakarsh. Aakarsh overwhelms her with his enchantment and achieving an emergency clinic stops specialist. Specialist returns to her faculties and says she would not like to play out this fetus removal.

Aakarsh says he knows and takes Jahnvi from that point. Jahnvi defies family. The family apologizes and says they needed to end Aakarsh and Satrupa’s malicious tyke. Aakarsh says the kid is his and Jahnvi and on the off chance that they don’t accept, they can tail him. He makes Jahnvi drink heavenly Gangajal saying any fiendishness can’t withstand it. Nothing happens to Jahnvi. The family apologizes Jahnvi and Aakarsh.

Prachi pursues Harsh to Daayan’s lair. Daayan approaches Harsh to sit for custom. Veer attached to a shaft by Daayan argues Harsh not to do that. Prachi slips and falls in. Daayan says Prachi came to spare her affection. Veer requests that she leave. Prachi says he spared her multiple occasions and now she will spare him. Daayan torments Prachi and makes even her and Aakarsh sit for custom saying they likewise will drink daayan blood and become daayan. She at that point detects her dear one is in a tough situation.

Brutal solicitations her not to go before remembering Jananta. Daayan says dead individuals never returned, she was simply utilizing him. She kicks him and vanishes, harming Harsh severely. Veer and Prachi free themselves and take Harsh from that point. Daayan discovers that the child is Aakarsh and Jahnvi’s and gets strained that she will be harassed when daayans discover that her grandson is a blend of the human and daayan breed. She gets Satrupa and rebuffs her for lying. Satrupa denies at first, yet then acknowledges it.

Daayan executes Satrupa’s 6 shapes and saving one requests to slaughter Jahnvi and her child on the off chance that she needs to be alive. Satrupa concurs. Veer and Prachi take Harsh back home and illuminate family what occurred. Family treats Harsh first and after that chides him for trusting Daayan as dead individuals never returned. Veer and Prachi come back to their room and their sentiment begins.

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