Daayan 23rd June 2019 Written Episode Update – Jahnvi Blames Aakarsh

Written Update: Daayan 23rd June 2019 Written Episode Update on doit.pk

Rakshit asks for what reason didn’t Pisachini do anything till now? Piaschini says your sister is kicking the bucket. Give me the forces. Or on the other hand I will murder her. Divya gets up and hits Pisachini with her forces. Pisachini says don’t disturb me. Pisachini shouts. Drishti contacts the flame. drishti says these is phony flame, I will consume you now. Pisachini wounds Divya. She throttles dristhi.

Daayan 23rd June 2019

Rakshit and Lava take the rounds. Magma is turning into a witch inside the ghunghat. Drishti says I wont give anything a chance to transpire Divi. Divya and Drishti come up short on there. drishi says I won’t let anything transpire. Pisachini says you can’t keep running from me. Divya tumbles down. Pisachini discards dristhi. Pisachini says to Divya your sister is no more. You will bite the dust and your sister ran. She left you here.

Drishti goes to the vehicle and sees Simran. She says simran you are here. Simran says where is Divya? Drishti says there were sparrows. she was stuck on the tree. She approaches her for the telephone. She says return home on this guide OK. We will come. I will bring her. Go straight home. Pandit ji asks Rakshit to fill Lava’s hairline.

She removes her ghughat. Her reptile skins leaves. Rakhit makes her wear mangalsutra. Magma says we did what we needed to. We are one. Pandit ji says fill the hairline. Rakhit fills the hairine. Pandit says the wedding is finished. Pisachini says Rakshit is hitched now. Your sister is a widow notwithstanding when her significant other is alive. She needs to give me kaal vijay. she ran. Nobody will come to spare you now.

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