Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji 29 July 2019 Episode Written Update: Rocky Tracks Some Number

Written Update: Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji 29 July 2019 Episode Written Update online today.

Kumar grabs her telephone and asks whom are you sending the video. Meenu focuses firearm at her. She ties up Jyoti and says we need to murder her. Jyoti says indeed, murder me, if Rocky doesn’t reach me, he will presume you. Kumar says you can support me, I can put the swindler tag on you and Happy. Kumar says you both are double-crossers, your end won’t be great. He says once my work finishes, I will murder you. Nectar embraces Happy and asks will you remain here with me, I m upbeat. Upbeat says Rocky, I figure we shouldn’t remain here.

Rough says disregard Madhu’s words, take rest. Kumar says you will be here. Jyoti inquires as to for what reason are you doing this, I bolstered you. Kumar says we need to give a severe prescription to end the awful sickness, we need to end the clergymen who bolster the medication racketers. She asks will you utilize blameless kids in this. He says somebody needs to make penance. Nectar requests that Rocky goes to the office. He asks how might I disregard you. Nectar says I m here to deal with you.

Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji 29 July 2019 Episode

Rough comes to Kumar and asks did you see Jyoti. Kumar requests that he sit. He says you won’t impart this to anybody, quit searching for Jyoti, I have sent her for the exceptional mission. Rough says Jyoti and I are accomplices, for what reason didn’t you let me know. Kumar says I m your supervisor, trust me, Jyoti is protected, don’t stress for her, whatever else. Rough go. Nectar says if Rocky realizes you are working. He stops Happy and requests that her take rest. Harleen blows up and goes to them. Meenu stops Harleen.

Harleen says Happy got injured however she has come here. Meenu says she is requesting your staff, she is a toxic substance, think in the event that you need to be absurd or obliterate her, simply do as I state, it’s better to become a close acquaintance with your foes, proceed to get to know Happy. Harleen asks what.

Meenu grins. Harleen goes to Happy. Cheerful asks her not to make the scene. Harleen apologizes to her. She says everybody likes you, I got envious. Cheerful says Rocky will simply be yours. Harleen says I need Rocky to cherish me. Cheerful says I will support you. Harleen thanks and embraces Happy. She supposes to demolish Happy. Meenu says everything is set, presently Happy will acquire our arrangement activity. Nectar grins and says amazing, mother and Khushi have moved toward becoming companions.

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