Divya Drishti 14th July 2019 Episode Written Update: Simran Eats the Ratan

Written Update: Divya Drishti 14th July 2019 Episode, the most recent written update.

Drishti cries. She says mother I don’t have the foggiest idea what to do. Pisachini says give me the Ratan. Pisacini says yes I am your mother. You will be the reason of Rakshit’s father’s demise generally. Drishti says would you leave from this family at that point? Pisachini says gracious have I heart as well? She chuckles. Pisachini says get me the ratan then we would talk.

Divya’s mother goes to her and says I know are irate. Shekhar goes to Lava’s room. She says what are you doing here. He says I need to converse with you. Magma says I don’t wanna talk. Divya says this is my right. I won’t let anybody give the ratna to her. She goes out. The entryway is bolted. Divya says you came here to bolt. Shekhar says I will get ratan and recuperate my father. Magma says I am more dominant than anybody.

Divya Drishti 14th July 2019 Episode

Do as I inquire. He says OK. Divya stops Drishti. She says you can’t do this to mother’s exertion. Yoou all tricked me. I won’t let you bargain this ratan. She discards everybody with her forces. Divya tosses sand staring her in the face and runs. Drishti runs. Divya says I won’t let you go.

Drishti comes to the sanctuary. Romi remains outside. Divya glides him. Divya says you can’t be my sister. Drishti says leave him, it would be ideal if you Divya says I will execute yo. Diva’s mother comes and says execute me first. Does Drishti say you would battle your family? Divya says anything for my mom’s penance.

Pisachini drifts them both. The two of them tumble down and blackout. Pisachini comes in the sanctuary and attempts to take the ratan. Nothing comes up. She searches for the ratan. Divya says I won’t let you have the ratan. Divya hits Pisachini with her forces. She says I won’t leave her. I won’t ever be given you a chance to have the ratan. Pisachini says I will demonstrate to you an exercise. Dristhi says we realized you would come after us. I gave that ratan to Rakshit. Divya says we tricked you. You are such an owl. Pisachin is irate.

Rakshit carries the ratan to his father. It recuperates his injury. He opens eyes. Mahima cries. Mahima embraces him. she says I hung tight for a considerable length of time. You returned. Your child Rakshit. He embraces Rakshit and Rashi. They all cry. Rakshit says pisachini must be there. Drishti says; lets go from here. She attempts to hurt Dvya’s mother. Romi spares her. drishti says gives up frmo here. Divya stops Pisachin. Pisachini says both of you will kick the bucket at my hands.

Ojaswani says we as a whole hung tight so long for this minute. Shekhar brings Lava first floor. She says how could he mend? Divya Dirhsit come in. Drishti is blacked out. Mahima says would she say she is alright? Rakshit says pisachini did this. Magma comes to Pisachin. Pisachini says they destroyed my arrangement. They tricked me. Magma brings Pisachin’s human fiery remains. she says my forces will return now.

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