Divya Drishti 21 July 2019 Episode Written Update: Simi’s Body Would Blast?

Written Update: Divya Drishti 21 July 2019 Episode Written Update online.

In today episode, Divya says I am with you generally. If it’s not too much trouble demonstrate to me your feeling. Drishti says I am truly frightened. I don’t have the foggiest idea of what will occur. There is so much haziness. At the point when might I see. Divya says I will bring your vision back. You will see everything once more, she embraces Drishit.

Rakshit says how might we lose Ratan like this. Mahima says it must be in the house. Simran says bhabhi came. Drishti says you didn’t state I lost my eyes. Drishti grins. Rakshit says wow my significant other has turned out to be daring. Mahima says I can cause you to eat. Rakshit says I will. Magma says you are my significant other. Divya says she lost her eyes. Magma says so she is your sister.

Divya Drishti 21 July 2019 Episode

Divya tosses something on her. Rakshit makes Drishti eat. Simran picks the treat container. Magma says give me the container. Ojaswani says for what reason would you say you are yelling at her? She can take this. Magma says give me the treat. She takes it from Simran. Simran takes a few confections from her. Drishti says to Raksit let me see Simran. He says yet you are not well. She says so isn’t Simran and pistachio did it to us.

Drishit goes to Simran’s room. Simran eats every one of the confections. She eats ratan as well. Drishti says drink water. Simran says I need to rest. You stay here. drishti sits with siran. Divya says how might we lose that ratan. Rakshit says if piscahini got it we would all have been dead by no. Rakshit says drishit. She was in SSimran’s room. Drishti strolls from Simran’s room. She turns out.

Divya Drishti 21 July 2019

Rakshit comes to drishti. He says on the off chance that you can’t see, you can hear. Concentrate on different faculties. You need to remain solid. Drishti says I hear water pool is before me you are at my back. He makes her wear her hoops. Rkshit says you shouldn’t something be said about your feeling of smell? She says your aroma can disclose to me where you are. Rakshit holds her midriff. Rakshit says what was the deal?

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