Download 700 dofollow forums for free

Download 700 dofollow forums for free

Instead of doing blog commenting for your website, forums participation may bring more traffic towards your blog. Active participation in forums let you keep in touch with latest happenings and you can’t even measure the importance of dofollow forums in numbers. Power of forums is just like a thunder storm which while making your blog search engine friendly, also keeps your comments alive in niche community.

Different bloggers have different views about forums, but actually, forums do what you want to do in keyword optimization. Instead of avoiding forums and using blog commenting, dofollow forums allow you to post your link in signature which would automatically be placed on each of your comment. Signature helps you there if you are participating in any discussion, number of times you are replying to that post, your link would automatically be posted over there.

Download 700 dofollow forums for free
Download 700 dofollow forums for free

Normally every forum allows you to place your website or blog link in “signature” which can be seen by all the forum readers. Whenever you post a reply or post a new thread, your signature is automatically added in it. However in order to get SEO benefits from such forums, you need to engage yourself in dofollow forums instead of nofollow attributes.

Your active participation is necessary on each forum site because forums usually hate spammers who just come, post links and vanish. First of all, be a part of stated forum and participate in any of category or discussion box. After some days, try to post your links in comments or add it in your signature.  A dofollow attribute will help your target keyword to rank higher in search engine.

Why Google panelized Forum links in Past?

Different softwares were used in past to optimize your keyword in Google which not only affected that forums but also made Google search freaky. Suppose you wished to search “wordpress” in search box, there were different sites on first page with irrelevant content or videos which even had no connection with said subject. In order to provide better quality, Google started its new bot program which is known as Google Penguin. After Google Penguin updates, thousands of websites were blocked.

What Forums can do?

If you are using old technique, your search would be banned in Google because you can’t use any of the strategy today. Google is smart enough now to penalize your sit. Always try to participate in forums manually; this will help you a lot because

  • You would not be restricted
  • Easy access to target discussion
  • More backlinks
  • Signature attribute
  • Profile links
  • Unique Comment with dofollow anchor links

You can now download a list of 700 dofollow forums for free by following below mentioned link. All forums have high Page Rank in Google where as active members are more than your expectations.

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