Effects of Spamming

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Considering the real factor behind spamming which cost you badly after being penalized from Google, hence diminishing traffic cause a big problem which you get in response of spamming. Couple of years back, i was looking for traffic, i mean a huge traffic whether it was junky or real but i wanted to be rich. You know when such things come to your mind, you lose everything you have already made with your hard work and dedication. In crux, i lost my websites and got penalized from Google even my well written articles were also banned from all search engines. In this topic “Effects of Spamming” newbies can find some premium stuff to make a safe blog for browsing.

Effects of Spamming
Effects of Spamming

Effects of Spamming

My problem was “I wanted to be rich” which forced me to make blunders in SEO game where i put spammed links, link wheels and all black hat SEO strategies. For few months i got good traffic but later on, all ended up with nothing. Now a days, few essay selling websites, prohibited content, watches and some Uggs boots websites who did too many bad linking which not only caused a reason of their own failure but also to those websites whose webmasters allowed their spamming strategies.

I have a simple question for all of you Guys.
“Is Google blind enough to check each of your link, your IPs, repeated content and multiple links on same do follow pages”?
Your answer would be definitely “NO” because your never know how many search crawlers and boot strategies are being used on daily bases, your website is properly recorded when it launched, when you post a link, makes a chain of links, i mean everything you do online is watched by Google. So don’t be smart and avoid Spamming strategies. I wrote some of the key elements that help you to find Dofollow Blogs from Google however i have few points that would help you to get real traffic instead of using spamming strategies.

1.Never post your repeated content because Hummingbird is checking your content every time.
2.Avoid to put links where “Out Bound Links” are greater than 100, some times you can post on High PR pages where OBL is little bit greater than 100 or less.
3.Always try to focus on your neighbor links, some times your best neighborhood helps you to redirect a huge traffic beyond your imagination. Poor neighbors are adult keywords, medicine related keywords, all gambling and non-registered selling websites like coach factory outlet, cheap outlets etc. keywords.

Please have a look at following poor back linking strategies and avoid to get penalize in future.

Effects of Spamming

Well, it is the most embarrassing question to reply when some ask some thing like this, what if i haven’t been penalized by Google ever? I would like to tell you the real truth behind this scenario because some of world’s best hosting websites, domain age, page popularity and density, links to good websites help you to avoid such problems but spamming is not an ultimate solution of improving your website traffic. On temporary bases your website respond you well, but after effects of such websites are genuine when you would loose your target keywords in Google that will demolish your traffic which ultimately caused to reduce your adsense, Infolinks and buysell ads income. Alexa will automatically fall with the passage of time. So my suggestion to all is “NEVER use such creepy tools to get high traffic”

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