Engro Thar Coal Jobs

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Looking for Engro Thar Coal Jobs? then you have to read this complete article because that time engro power plant is in commissioning phase and they are looking for experienced and highly talented candidates from all over the world not only from Pakistan. Recently they have announced the capacity of coal in Thar is about 16 meters depth and 43 kilometer length areas having unique coal which can be used to power generation. Pakistan have great opportunity to produce cheap power and also have a chance to minimize their power crisis as well. The whole erection & commissioning is under china companies and enrgo is just monitoring their work at back end and they are also in hiring phase.

Engro Thar Coal Jobs
Engro Thar Coal Jobs

Engro Thar Coal Jobs

  • Education: DAE, Engineering Level Degree, Coal Mining, Geologist etc.
  • Epxeriece: Required
  • Job Position: Contact / Permanent
  • To apply: Visit secmc.com.pk
  • Direct Apply: engroenergy.com/careers/

This is not official information, Engro Thar Coal Jobs are not officially announced right now. SECMC will execute the project in total three phases and first phase is almost ready. In the second phase the mine will be further expanded to 7.6 MTPA and additional two 330 MW will be added. Share this useful info with your mates via social media networks.

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