ExoClick Network Review and Proof

ExoClick Network Review and Proof

Exoclick is no doubt a leading network company and it has proved through its dedicated services, if you look at the Alexa of this website it is simply wow! 329 is today’s Alexa which shows that millions of users either Advertiser or Publisher are using this website, if they are using this website then they also have a faith in company’s earning. Monetizing is not enough but monetize in smart way is the best way to move on. Recently company’s owner was interviewed from BBC. My favorite networks are Vashoot and CPX24 but i believe ExoClick is far better than any network, more than 65000 websites are associated with this network which resembles a level of consistency and confidence that the company has delivered till to date.

ExoClick Network Review and Proof
ExoClick Network Review and Proof


A website that has more than 1 billion ads impression will surely help you to earn through a meaningful way. Target traffic is the dream of modern world where we believe that website would be ranked smartly, Company has honest target traffic plans that would help you to find traffic through target keywords, IP range traffic, traffic through language websites, Geo targeting, Contextual targeting, device targeting, operating system targeting, mobile carrier targeting and day-parting. Monitor your daily ROI through online dedicated system. Advertisers may use different ads formats for their website promotion like Banners, POP, Sticky banner, Instant message, Video Banner, Pre-roll in stream video and Direct links. Bidding is real so you can bid and take help from real time bidding system. As company has fully functional system that would help you to lower your cost, its the best way of monitoring ans saving your precious money.

Publishers may enjoy the luxury of 100% fill-rate with global converage. You can withdraw your money on weekly or monthly bases via Paypal, Paxum, Payoneer, WebMoney or Wire Transfer. Different types of formats are provided to monetize in a best way. As we know company has real time access to help Advertisers and Publishers, so it also provides the same feature to Publisher by which Publishers can access real time traffic, clicks and impression.


  • Earning type is CPC, CPM, POP, XML-feed, Domain Parking
  • Withdraw on weekly or monthly bases
  • Minimum money to withdraw money is $20
  • Withdraw through Paypal, Paxum, Payoneer, WebMoney or Wire Transfer
  • Head office is located in Spain
  • Telephone:+34-931810272


Comparatively ExoClick has bright future and i would recommend it as best Google Adsense alternative of all times, there are many reasons of that, first of all Google will not pay entertainment website but ExoClick do, secondly Google guidelines are so strict to follow that every day you receive an alert email but ExoClick don’t tease you like this, thirdly Google hits your website if by mistake, your ads are overlapped. I believe ExoClick is the future of modern networks.

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