Most Famous Technology Related Blogs

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If you are looking for a list of world most famous tech blogs, then spend few minutes on that post which provides a complete list of Most Famous Technology Related Blogs all time. No doubt “technology” keyword is one of famous and most searched keyword in Google, Bing and Yahoo etc. Technology niche is also known one of the famous highly traffic & paying niche as well. If you want to work on technology niche then read carefully about that and you have better chance of got approved from Google Ad-sense and Buy-sell ads as well. So follow these list, try to setup a blog related to technology and work hard. Once you got 3500+ visitors per day on that particular blog, you can easily earn more then 10 to 15$ per day with Ad-sense & buy sell ads.

Most Famous Technology Related Blogs
Most Famous Technology Related Blogs

Most Famous Technology Related Blogs

1 – mashable dot com
The main reason of putting that amazing blog at 1st place is its number of indexed top quality web pages in Google and Bing. Here you can find all kind of important data about technology, social media sites, latest happening & new inventions as well. On 19th August 2015 Alexa rank of mash-able website is 268 and website original PR is 8 which is simply incredible. So visit this website and start learning about technology and modern inventions as well.

2 – gizmodo dot com
At 2nd place, another world famous tech related blog giz-modo is listed which have huge fan following around the world. Current Page Rank is 8 and Alexa Rank is 404 which is impressive. Its seems so simple, but too much hard, servers, managing team, web-developers and more then 10 authors are required to handle these kind of projects.

3 – zdnet dot com
I like to use zdnet official blog for any kind of latest information & technology related news around the world. Daily updated and email alerts facility as well, check this website now. Current page rank is 8 which is amazing and Alexa Rank a bit low which is 1579 on 19th August 2015 date. If you want to find news & latest happening in technology field, then keep in touch with zdnet official website.

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