How to find relevant Keywords?

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It’s probably the most common question for a newbie “How to find relevant Keywords?” and most of the webmasters find different ways to find their keywords, it’s always a challenging task for a newbie to start a website and aim is always there in mind that one day he/she would be capable to earn money from that, which no doubt, is a positive sign but also very hard when they practically enter into the arena of competition where thousands of bloggers have own name and fame.

Without spending more time and money, i would recommend you to go for Adwords. First of all it is free and secondly you can not only find your keywords but also can download spreadsheets. Actually it provides a hint to choose your keyword with preferred price mentioned on right side of the account, once you chose and pay, your ads would be displayed on different Adsense accounts. Webmasters who have adsense account, your ads are being displayed on their website, as we know that we are not here to purchase traffic from Google therefore all you need is to just get an idea about keywords of your rivalry’s website.

Just follow the instructions, login in to your gmail or directly open Adwords and login with your gmail id. Once you are logged in, you would probably have following screen in front of you, click on Tools button and choose “Keyword Planner” form drop down menu.

Once you have clicked on “Keyword Planner” following screen would be visible in front of you.

Click on the red highlighted tab “Search for new keywords using a phrase, website or category

It is the most important stage, you can choose any keyword here, it would show you all keywords which are generating traffic of your rivalry’s website, suppose i have written keyword “blogging” and “” is the website. It will show results like this.

Here you can find download button, but wait one trick will help you more, remove keyword “blogging” and search like this.

Once you have removed keyword, probably screen would look like this, i have taken a snap of target area instead of whole account, click on “Get Idea” and see the magic.

Now it’s time to download file, you have a file stating main keywords of your rival’s website, you can download any website’s keywords for free by following this simple trick. Do you know how to add favicon in blogspot? if no, then spend 3 minutes to read our stuff, i am sure this would help you a lot.

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