Free Tool to find unlimited Back Links :

Free Tool to find unlimited Backlinks :

Before going further each one of us must understand the basic difference between Domain Authority and Page Authority. Both of the terms have slighter difference but purpose for any SEO expert remains same. Back links are very useful operators to navigate your baby website in search engines, it strengthen your web pages and automatically improve ranking in different search engines, though search engines like Google, Bing , Yahoo and altavista have different pattern of ranking but core concept remains same.

Free Tool to find unlimited Backlinks :
Free Tool to find unlimited Backlinks : provides a simple and free platform to all SEO experts to search for the freshest backlinks, this website has a variety of backlinks with full detail, if you are a newbie and don’t know how to build backlinks, let me tell you that 90% of your search work has already been done, all you need is to create backlinks on these websites. If you search manually then you must be familiar with footprints because it takes a lot of time and you get a very low profile websites from Google where links are also not accepted by most of the webmasters. Read my content on how to find dofollow websites? it would definitely help you to find multiple ways to search your relevant dofollow websites. Always remember few points while using, first of all don’t search different websites in a single day, if you are not sure that how many backlinks would this site possess?, then search it on backlinkwatch , it will give you a perfect idea about that website. If you randomly search on openlinkprofiler then it will show a limit option and will ask you to register on their predefined budget system.

I have searched for in openlinkprofiler, it shows detail of your rivalry’s website by stating number of links, influence of links, dofollow links, no follow links, Subdomains, Industry, Unique active links and links to Home Page. Followings are some key points that you should at least know before going further.

1.Source URL:

Source URL shows different URLs where back links are generated, if you love niche and want to search relevant search then you can use this tab. First word shown over here is “contain”, it means if you write “health” in next box of Source URL, it will show websites containing word “health” in URL, suppose is a page, it will show this page directly here when you will click on “Filter Links”. Is exactly is second option but it will restrict more and only page with written keyword will be shown, as mentioned above “health” is a word, now it will only show , it will restrict filter to precise more. “Starts with” and “Ends with” work probably same, website URLs which start with health or ends with word health would be shown to you. “Does not contain” restrict not to show websites with that keyword, suppose if you write “health”, it will not show any website with name related to “health”. Similarly “Does not start with” and “Does not end with” will also restrict not to start with health or end with word health.

2.Destination URL:

All the stated options are same and will work in same way but there is a difference in destination URL, here if you want to restrict forum website, you can write “id=” or “forum”, it will show all forums if word is “contain”, however you can restrict, start with, end with with any word or phrase here. Functions remain same.


Most important part is “Follow”, here you have three options “All”, “Only No Follow links”, “Only dofollow Links”, choose dofollow links it will show all related dofollow backlinks of a website that you are searching for. If you want to learn more about Dofollow and NoFollow, i have already written a detailed article here, please read it for just five minutes, it would probably give an idea about Nofollow and Dofollow websites.

4.LIS(Link Influence Score):

First line shows LIS which means Link Influence Score, it is shown in percentage, if website has better quality and more influence, percentage would be higher, select these websites because links over here would drag more traffic on your website.

5.Page Title:

Most of the webmaster love to work in niche therefore page title also plays a vital role here, suppose is our website, if i have written an article on health nutrition, and this page would work like a medicine for niche lovers, they can submit their back link here which would definitely strengthen your website. Some times Page title, URL, destination URL work in same way. It is quite hard for a webmaster to find niche related URLs therefore Google allows you to post back links on a content that is also relevant to your topic, it will work in same way.

6.Anchor Links:

Anchor links allow you to choose back links of your own choice, suppose you click on “contain” and write word “health”, it will show all back links in relation to “health”. That is also a nice way to find your niche back links, you can check your rival’s back links, where he/she has submitted his back links with which Keyword?. It sounds pretty great to me, i like this tool.


Most important tab that may fulfill all your need is “Industry”, if you choose this option then you can skip all above tabs because Industry allows you to pick a particular niche, here flymesocial has submitted links on different industries, you can check “business sites are 12”, entertainment 11, Media 10, Computer 9, family 8, education 7, health 6, food 5 etc, you can click any of the option suppose if you filter health, it will show 6 websites where flymesocial back links would be active. This option is bread and butter for all SEO experts.

8.Link Context:

It will show standard links and other types of paid links too, standard links are those links which are submitted on a particular page, that page must be ranked in Google already, secondly link is submitted properly and manually on that website, Blogs links may be of different types, footer links are mostly paid links when you buy back links on high Domain Authority websites.

9.Top Level Domains:

Select your preferred domains here, if you need only .com domains, select .com option here, Now a days domain doesn’t matter, all that matters is how well that website is ranked in Google and what is the percentage of Unique visitors on that website.


Select links only from trusted domains or Links with unhelpful anchor texts, you probably don’t need this kind of option, when you are going to search for websites that allow back links, such things don’t matter then because your focus must be on Dofollow websites.

11.Added on:

This option will help you to show back links with date and time, how many links where submitted yesterday and how many links are submitted today?

12.Sort by:

You can sort all websites by URLs, Anchor Texts, Page Title, Industry, Link Type, Verification Date and Link added date, if you don’t click this option it would automatically show fresh back link first and last at the end.

13.Results per page:

Choose option “20”, “50” or “100”, i would recommend you to choose “100” because it will show first 100 back Links on first page and you would not be bother while searching for back links.

14.Show only Unique Domains:

Don’t forget to click on this “check box” because it would filter unique domains and would eliminate repeated domains. Once you click on this option it would remove repeated websites, one website will appear only one time, it’s the best option to save your time because there can be more than 100 back links on single domain, by using this option it will show that domain only one time.

What i prefer to do?

I love to choose only three options, first is to click on “Dofollow”, second to click on “100” and third to click on “Show only unique domains”.

Once you have clicked on these options then click on “Filter Links”, all back links of flymesocial would be appeared on a first page like this.

Try to remember one thing that while click on any website never press “ctrl” button because it will limit your search option and registration option would appear after few clicks, always click on each single website manually.

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