Get paid from Content Writing

Get paid from Content Writing

Unique content writing may help you to earn money online without having a vast experience or familiarity with coding, software designing and other methods. Importance of quality content writer can never be demolished because, after implementation of new Google policies, content has been given more importance than SEO techniques that were used in old days. New school of thoughts is trying to keep more focus on content writing which has helped so many people across the globe. Each year thousands of the bloggers earn a handsome income from Google Adsense, Adhitz,MediaWhite, SmartyAds, Ero-advertising,Buysell ads and other affiliate ads companies just because of their quality writing.

If you are a good writer with skillful mind then you can earn money through various techniques. Following are the key platforms to earn money through straight method which are also known as white methods.

Make your own profile at Freelancing Websites like,, and, you can also earn if you are using skype because most of the writers love to work on skype as they are hired for interview directly through same channel with stated terms and. It is a shortcut way to search and make a good relationship of understanding because there are thousands of investors, bloggers and webmasters on skype who would hire you through interview, it would be more beneficial for you to start your career through (formerly known as, I also started my career  through and my first job was a tough one for me as it was my first stage but, believe me or not, it was a beginning of my blogging career which gave me thousands of new clues to write an attractive content without using SEO techniques.

Get paid from Content Writing
Get paid from Content Writing

Key to success on and

Your first impression is the only key which leaves a popup image in employer’s mind, 99% of the decisions are done when you are asked for an interview, once you have been qualified for interview you would be hired on same channel. Some key points must be kept in mind before going to start any job online.

  • Apply on any job with full honesty and attractive cover letter.
  • You must have any skill; suppose if you are a writer you must be good at writing.
  • Offer a cheap price for your desired job, negotiation can be done if you have done your job well and fulfilled all requirements.
  • Avoid fixed jobs and apply for hourly rate.
  • Hourly rate for writing must be at least $5 for 500 to 700 words article.
  • If you are asked for a sample, try to provide it well in time with good writing skills.
  • Leave a good impression if hired or not.

If you are a good writer then start your own blog side by side so that you may also earn through your own business to accommodate your family and save pocket money.  There are multiple benefits of using as compared to which are stated as under.

  • You are not required to pay for any test, all tests are free of cost
  • Employers have to pay fee
  • All jobs are secured including fixed jobs
  • Chances of being hired on high rates
  • Secured payment system
  • Chances of frauds are zero
  • Instant payments from employers
  • Favorable terms and conditions for both employers and employees

You can withdraw your income from India and Pakistan through wire transfer which will take 72 hours to process your transaction even payoneer card  can help you to withdraw your amount form any ATM with a transaction fee of Pak Rs.200 per transaction. Don’t put all eggs in one basket so start your blog without wasting your time.

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