How to Get Payoneer Master Card

How to Get Payoneer Account In Pakistan

The best way to start any project or task at Internet, get some useful information first because too many fake and unknown companies are working for scamming purpose. Be aware from these kind of blogs or groups and must read reviews first to make any final decision. I will provide brief information about “How to Get Payoneer Account In Pakistan” without any bank account. This is a great opportunity for all of us to get Payoneer account in India and Pakistan. Every where in the world can cash that amazing chance. Get amazing information step by step with full HD pictures. In that way everyone can learn the process quite easily without any issue. We can get too many benefits from amazing Payoneer debit card, earn 25$ through their signup bonus which is really awesome for newbies. You can use that debit card in the market during shopping and can book your tickets and other important things. Everyone can receive money from up-work, learn more details about online earning with upwork, you have to visit their official website first.

How to Get Payoneer Account In Pakistan
How to Get Payoneer Account In Pakistan

Another great news about Payoneer is that everyone can earn good amount through their affiliate program. Payoneer pays 25$ bonus to both parties how refers their link and how signup through their given link. To earn 25$ from Payoneer then visit their official website now.

Get latest and out-standing information about signup procedure with available snapshots. Check out first paragraph which describe too much about that process. Too easy signup process, just put your personal information and fill all boxes with real information not fake. Use unique name same as on bank account or on national ID card. Put your original email address and date of birth which is also original. Remember that, any wrong information can creates too many problems in that process. After providing all required information on 1st page now you may click on next button.

In that step you have provide the name of residency country which is permanent not temporary etc. I think kept you original ID card in hand then start filling all information is a better idea. Write your permanent address with complete information like street number and place name. Write the name of current residency with postal coed, both must be correct and then provide your own cell phone number and then review that information and click on next.

In section number three you have to put your personal information which is really important for your account safety. Put unique password and with user-name as well. Your email ID will be your payoneer account user name so use your original email ID and don’t provide any fake information. Take your time and carefully provide your important real information during application process. Choose a security question and write the answer as well. During live chat with support team they required that answer so its also important too.

Your Age must be more the 18 because this is international rule otherwise try to get Payoneer card on your father or sister name but use their own information quite clearly without any mistake. You must agree with Payoneer terms and conditions and that’s it! Now check your email inbox, a welcome message from Payoneer is waiting for you. Wait for 17 to 23 days, you will receive a Card which is issued by Payoneer on your home mailing address. After reading payoneer account activation mail, you have to activate your card by providing some information.

How To Activate your Payoneer Card?

After receiving your payoneer letter, login in your PAYONEER account and you will see a highlighting message at top of the inbox, put your payoneer card number and pin number which is important and required on withdraw from ATM’s and click OK. Greetings your account and card has activated now. This is really important for all of us to take too much care about these kind of online account and their services worldwide. I have done that process and got my payoneer account in Pakistan without any kind issue. After reading “How to Get Payoneer Account In Pakistan” topic, anyone can get instant approval.

Bonus Proof?

How to Get Payoneer Account In Pakistan
How to Get Payoneer Account In Pakistan

I follow all these given instructions and got my referral bonus within 3 days. I am really happy and here is a snap shot of my bonus email which i have received from Payoneer officials. All provided information is not 100% accurate, this is personal experience which happen during this application process. If you have some questions about its updates, terms and conditions, application approval requirements and referral programs earning then contact with their online support team by using their provided links.

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