GetSurl Network and Review

GetSurl Network and Review

If you want to earn through short links then follow new network that offers higher rate as mentioned on their chart, country wise traffic has different rates so you can follow their website to check out their rates.GetSurl Website is designed simple and it seems pretty ordinary but figures shows a sense of positive attitude of it’s management. Total links are 660,287 till to date while total visits are 67,155,789 which is simply wow. For the moment check out directlinkads for your assistance as it is a new company and growing quite remarkably.

GetSurl Network and Review
GetSurl Network and Review

Like other short link network, it does the same thing, you have to register here and then paste your own link in “Shorten a Link” box and then submit the same, it will show you a short random link which would include ads, by placing this link on your website, you can get solid income excluding your banners and context ads income which seems awesome to me.


  • Earning type is CPM and CPC
  • Withdraw money after every 25 days
  • Get minimum of $5
  • You can use Bitcoin, PayPal and Western Union
  • Head office is located in EGYPT
  • Email:

As we all know that UAE and other Arabian countries have higher percentage of clicks and impression so is the case here, URL short links will allow you to earn plus income which would be an addition to your revenue. Get more visitors and start earning today.

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