Top Google Adsense Alternatives All Time

Top Google Adsense Alternatives All Time

Got banned from “Google Adsense” then don’t worry and work really hard to get huge traffic from world wide. Some newbies face too many problems in that case. We all knew that, no one can beat Google Adsense, but some best alternative are available which can provide you a reasonable amount through your blogs. Selection of top 10 ad serving websites is not an easy and simple for that purpose must check their all important factors. After thoroughly search on that topic, here are some out standing Google Adsense Alternatives 2015, 2016 & 2017 as well. In Top “Google Adsense Alternatives All Time” topic, newbies can find a unique way of making money online through blogging.

Top Google Adsense Alternatives All Time

After monitoring some factors and advantages, list is given below to use their services and earn a good amount without using Google Adsense. Remember that there is no competitor of Google Adsnese, here are Top Google Adsense Alternatives All Time.

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Buy Sell Ads (BSA)

Affiliate Marketing

The main purpose of putting affiliate marketing on 1st place is its simple use and good earnings. Affiliate marketing works on commission based, for that purpose create an account with any good company or brand and get HTML code, then put it on your blog page or website. A visitors of customers come through your website and purchase any product which is available at store, company will give you a commission. The amount of commission is always good as compared to other adverting accounts. Some good brands and companies offer 20 to 30% commission on each valid sales. If you earn 50$/month with any other advertising company then you can earn 30 to 40$ in single hits with Affiliate marketing. Visit some links which offer good amount.

  2. EBAY

Buy Sell Ads

Another awesome website where blog owners can earn a good amount is BUYSELLADS which was launched in 2008 and the CEO of BSA is Todd Garland. The great ads selling networks allows their valued publishers to earn money through text and images ads and also from RSS feeds ads as well which is quite awesome for every body. Although its requirements are tough a bit but once your site got approved on buysellads network then you can earn good amount. More then 5000+ page views or unique visitors with great Alexa ranking can help you to get approved from buysellads network quickly.

Top Google Adsense Alternatives All Time
Top Google Adsense Alternatives All Time

Media dot Net

How can we neglect the importance of Yahoo and Bing search engines in that process. To compete world best search engine Google, too many companies are working hard to achieve their goals but i think this is impossible because Google is just incredible and unbeatable as well. Although is good alternative of adsnese. Good Alexa with high traffic is required to get approved. Elegant themes on your blogs can play a vital role as well.

Revennue Hits

In these days every one likes to get maximum revenue from their blog through advertising. Putting revenue hits on 3rd place due to its good earning with normal traffic. That great networks offer too many features and platforms for publishers. Very easy signup process and put ads within few minutes.


Check another pay per click advertising network which is good to beginners. Simply setup an account at bidvertiser network and enjoy awesome results in short period of time. That network offer targeted, mobile and text ads for better earning. Minimum pay out is 10$ through PayPal. Withdraw methods are too easy like western union, paypal and check which is really awesome.


Great in banners Ads and also in text ads as well, probably AdVersal is great secondary choice in replace of Google Adsesne. Many famous brands likes to use that plate from of their product advertising purpose. Best CTR rates as well, ads placements is also very easy and simple, side bar ads, header banners with pictures increase the worth and quality of that network for publishers and also for advertisers. Visit AdVersal official website for further quires and info about that network.


Honestly I’m not satisfied from Info-links because, its earnings is very low as compared to other advertising companies. Although this is too simple to get account on info-links and payment methods are also awesome, like PayPal, Payoneer debit card and wire and check as well. Remember that, its earning is very low, Example i have earned more then 100$ from Ad-sense then info links provides me 22$ in a month, so anyone can calculate the earning ratio between these two advertising companies.


Great choice for huge traffic blogs, rates are good, but the main issue about Qadabra is that network likes traffic from European countries. I already said that, this is the best choice for huge traffic websites from all over the world. QADABRA allows banners and sliders ads for all blogs and websites which is good. Minimum payout limit on PayPal is 1$ which is really good and interesting as well. Wire transfer and Payoneer is also allowed in this network.


In these days CLICKSOR network is also very famous in Google Ad-sense alternatives due to its pop ads, serve ads and also for contextual ads. Simple to use and earning can by withdraw through wire and PayPal, minimum payments limits is 50$ with Paypal. Remember one thing, all information is gathered from various useful sources and personal experience as well, you may visit their official website for further details and payouts options etc.

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