Google Penguin Update, Tips and Recovery Advice

Google Penguin Update, Tips and Recovery Advice

Google is a search giant and maintaining the quality search is the ultimate goal of Google to become dominant in search engine industry, it launches different bots and crawlers on different intervals, Google Penguin is also one of those which was launches in 2012. Main purpose of this update was to remove spamming websites and their keywords from search engines, we often see spammers do black hat SEO which currently produces results for them but ultimately after effects of spamming damages not only the content but also keywords, your domain name can be blacklisted in Google too. To avoid such penalty, primary objective of each webmaster should be clear to save his/her website by removing bad backlinks through Google disavow links tool, different sites caught by Google may be compromised and may escape depending upon the strategy adopted by Google.

Google Penguin UpdGoogle Penguin Update, Tips and Recovery Adviceate, Tips and Recovery Advices
Google Penguin Update, Tips and Recovery Advice

What is Penguin?

Well, it as launched on 24th April 2012 with aim to change Google’s search by punishing those pages which has harmed or spammed Google. In short,if you are not familiar with Spam, it’s bad backlink generating system, automatic software, cloaking and keyword stuffing.

When it is live?

It takes few days to start in some case but Google has confirmed that Penguin is live all the times, we recently have experienced that thousands of websites are losing their traffic and their Alexa too. It is our observation that changes in last few months is only due to Penguin updates.

Recent updates has badly damaged websites, we even checked some blogs whose Alexa was approximately 9K and now it has moved back to 76K, i am talking about Pakistan’s top listed blogging website mybloggertricks operated by Ghulam Mustafa, second website that i observed is onlineustaad created by Abdul Wali, it had once decent Alexa ranking of approx. 40K and now it has moved back to 98K in few months. I have personally visited both websites time to time and worried about crawling pattern that Google has used for its webmasters. Though both websites have pretty decent content, i mean fresh content but still facing diminishing dilemma of ranking. Always try to remove your bad backlinks by using Google disavow links tool, it would save you from rapid decline.

How to recover your website?

Follow Google webmaster guidelines to avoid such penalties as it is a hard job to get back your website from spamming however you can use different tools to track down your bad backlinks and remove them. Google says that it is an automatic penalty imposed by crawler rather than by a human so your request may have chances of being rejected by Google team if penalty is critical one. As this is an automatic process so webmasters can’t claim of being wrongly picked up for this penalty however they may submit request form to Google team for further assistance.

In case you have been wrongly punished for spamming, you can deal this issue by following new Google form that would allow you to submit your request to search engine and let them know their issue. Follow Webmaster forum to post your feedback. Its really a tough job to get back your results once you have been punished, quality websites may enjoy the luxury of being top of the list as i am a fan of shoutmeloud because of its content, variety and passionate blogging. For more than one year its Alexa has been consistent around 4K-5K which is a positive sign and it delivers us a message that quality is the only way to success.

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