Half Marriage 5th February 2018 Episode Written Update

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Famous serial Half Marriage 5th February 2018 Episode Written Update is available here. The Episode begins with Surya Prakash revealing to Manohar that he came to satisfy his guarantee made to Reva and says she improved me a man. I cherished her and needs to fill her maang with sindoor. Arjun gets furious and tosses sindoor bottle in air. The sindoor falls on Reva’s head. Arjun points the finger at Surya Prakash. Chandani says she was there and Reva met with a mischance. Arjun requests that her not agree with his stance and tells about reva’s call. Sulochana cries severely and reprimands them. Arjun says I will never pardon my sister’s criminal and will get him rebuffed and whoever comes infront of him will be rebuffed as well. He challenges Surya Prakash. Chandani is stunned. Surya Prakash stands feeling regretful and cries. Surinder says they should take Reva’s body now.

Half Marriage 5th February 2018 Episode Written Update
Half Marriage 5th February 2018 Episode Written Update

Half Marriage 5th February 2018 Episode Written Update:

After they originate from crematorium ground, Chandani offers tea to them. Janki says I need to state something. Janki censures Surya Prakash for Reva’s passing and says your sibling slaughtered her. We came to know this before her memorial service and asks what do he needs. She says we are basic individuals and your family needed to wind up plainly celebrated. Chandani tries to state. Janki says Surya Prakash will be rebuffed and inquires as to whether she is with truth or with her sibling. Arjun says Chandani has constantly bolstered truth and will bolster us. I am not suspicious about it. Arjun reviews Mannu disclosing to him that Reva kicked the bucket because of mishap and there were nail blemishes on her body. Arjun thinks Surya prakash attacked Reva and misconstrues him. He discloses to Chandani that he won’t leave Surya prakash. Chandani requests that him not take choice in a rush. Arjun says don’t you need equity for her. He concurs and requests that her help him. She requests that he believe her and says she will dependably be supporting truth. Chandani reviews the occurrence and asks what occurred in circuit house.

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