Hard Water vs Soft Water

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One of the major and most essential component for human body and all living animals, birds, etc. No one in the world can live without water, as we can say, a person can spend more then 48 hours without food but on other end no one can live more then 24+ hours without drinking water. For more details read What is Water?

Definition of Water

Water can be simplify as “Combination of One Oxygen and Two Hydrogen atoms is equal H2O which means Water. H20 is liquid at “Standard ambient temperature” and pressure as well. With a private information, water covers almost more then 70+% earth area/surface. Chemical formula is H20 & HOH. If solid then called ICE and liquid shape will be water and Gaseous form called vapors.

Hard Water vs Soft Water
Hard Water vs Soft Water

Hard Water vs Soft Water

Soft Water?

The most accurate & short definition of Soft Water is.. the removal of UN wanted & certain metals like calcium & magnesium free water is known as soft water which can be used for drinking & bathing purpose.

Hard Water?

That water which contains excess amount of minerals like high percentage of calcium etc.. this is temporary hard water which can convert into soft water after applying some lime soda process or cat ion process as well. During rainy days, season water falls on earth which calls rainwater, basically this is a soft water during that state but, when its come across dirty grounds, various channels that soft water converts into temporary hard water because during that way of rainwater many minerals like dirty chalk, and other metals like CA & MG mixed into that water.

Effects on Human Body?

In that world hardly anyone can ignore the important and requirement of soft water. From drinking to bathing, eating to agriculture, hair to skin.. almost in every stage of our life’s we can not neglect this. Actually hard water can damage our stomach and kidney as well. You can face hair fall issues as well, so be care full and follow full precautions before using water.

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