Hide your Hard drive using dos or cmd

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With out using third party software to hide your hard drive is now easier in dos or cmd, you have to follow these simple steps to hide your drive, you can even show your drive back. Office workers who have some special files in one selected drive and they don’t wanna smash it out by children, they can simply use this trick on holidays to secure their stuff. You need to follow these steps which are also described in pictures show below. Now Hide your Hard drive using dos or cmd and make your PC safe, no one can touch your personal family data without your permissions.

Hide your Hard drive using dos or cmd
Hide your Hard drive using dos or cmd

Hide your Hard drive using dos or cmd

Step 1:
Just click on start button and search “cmd” if you are using Windows 7 or higher. once you have opened cmd, it would be display a message like this with blinking dot at the end.

c:\users\your computer name>
if you use here DISKPART, it will show an other cmd window as under.

Step 2:
Now write “List volume”, it will show all partition in your system, in first column you have number of volumes starting from 0, if you have more partitions list will be long.In second column you have letters written as “Ltr” which shown by default letters assign to all partitions. Label1 describes about the names that your have assigned to your hard drives, Fs shows the partition using FAT or NTFS. Type columns show whether your have a DVR, floppy or drives. Last three are for your information, people may check their drives health directly from here in “status” column.

Step 3:
Now select volume as shown below.

Step 4:
Now it is a time to remove a letter “F” because it will hide your drive from your system.
Basically it has removed letter from your system and hard drive is hidden now, here i am unable to find any drive on my system after this procedure.
Re-assign your Hard drive:

Remember that while assigning your hard drive you have no access to your drive letter “F” because it is hidden now as you have doe it before so your letter has been removed if you again write in same sequece like

DISPART> list volume
you will see that there is not letter on that volume, be careful while selecting it, if you write as above “select volume F” it will show error because there is no letter here “F”, now write

DISPART>select volume 4
if you write again DISPART> list volume
you will see that there is a * on line 4 in my example, now assign a letter

DISPART> assign letter F
Congratulation your drive is back now.

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