ARYAN Name Meanings, Lucky Number & Details

HUZAIFA Meaning, Lucky Number & Details

Selcet your new born baby boy name Huzaifa, but this is better for you to check HUZAIFA Meaning, Lucky Number & Details first. Huzaifa is a Muslim infant Boy name, Huzaifa name importance is A sidekick of the Prophet’s name and the fortunate number related with Huzaifa is 2. Discover all the significant insights about the Huzaifa Meaning, Origin, Lucky Number and Religion from this page.

HUZAIFA Meaning, Lucky Number & Details
HUZAIFA Meaning, Lucky Number & Details

HUZAIFA Meaning, Lucky Number & Details

Details in English:

  • Name: Huzaifa
  • Gender: Boy
  • Meaning: A companion of the Prophet’s name
  • Origin: —
  • Lucky #: 2

Details in Urdu:

  • حذیفہ :نام
  • لڑكا :جنس
  • حضرت محمد صلی اللہ علیہ و آلہ و سلم کے صحابی کا نام، دانشمند، عقلمند :معنی
  • زبان: —
  • لکی نمبر:  Two (2)

Normal rating of Huzaifa is 4 stars, in view of 5 audits. Huzaifa importance has been looked 3049 three thousand and forty-nine times till 27 May, 2018. Name gives you distinguishing proof on the planet. You convey this recognizable proof from support to grave. Guardians subsequently, give careful consideration to pick a reasonable name for their new conceived. Huzaifa found in the rundown of H, and there are 304 three hundred and four names in this rundown.

Huzaifa is a one of a kind name with noteworthy importance. It has a place with Arabic birthplace. You can discover name importance of Huzaifa in both English and Urdu, and different dialects too. Names like Huzaifa are additionally recorded here. You can even tune in to the sound on this page to comprehend the genuine elocution of the name Huzaifa.

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