How To Increase Google Adsense Cost Per Click

How To Increase Google Adsense Cost Per Click

These days each & every blogger likes to choose most secure ways of high earning via blogging. Your dream will come true through Google Adsense because the most reliable and unique way of earning through blogging is Google Adsense. Want to apply for adsense account then don’t miss step by step guideline of adsense account.For that purpose we can not neglect the importance of Google Adsense Optimization, there are too many techniques and tricks to improve eCPM which results of high Cost Per Click (CPC). Remember that, without good CTR no one can earn a good income from Adsense. Many publishers have huge traffic on their blog but their Adsense is very low. I think that post will help them a lot to increase their CPC. The main purpsoe of providing “How To Increase Google Adsense Cost Per Click” topic is to help newbies in this field. Are you losing your website traffic? then use smart tricks for that and take unique steps right now.

About Adsense CPC?

A simple answer of above question is CPC in adsense stands for Cost Per Click, When a unique visitor click on your ads, Google Adsense pays revenue, Sometime CPC is less then 0.04 and sometime is 3.0$ of more, read carefully and increase your adsense CPC by following simple easy and unique tips. Although CTR means a lot in adsense earning but will have too focus on CPC, How To Increase Google Adsesne CPC. Remember that thousands of ads impressions can help a bit to increase CPC but you can never increase your Adsense CPC as much as you like. That will help you to learn how to increase adsense earning with low unique traffic from European countries specially. Follow these steps and then apply on your blog.

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Blog Niche

If you are looking for highest CPC through Google Adsense then choose a perfect niche for website and also for your blog. Almost every blogging expert will suggest every newbies to chose great niche, guys niche means topic. Remember that Cost Per Click depends on the niche of blog, so unique and important topic can pay you good amount. You can get some great information from Wikipedia page as well about blog Niche. Check a list given below you can help you to increase your CPC in Adsesne.

Unique domains

How To Increase Google Adsense Cost Per Click
How To Increase Google Adsense Cost Per Click

Technology Gadgets like Dell, Apple HP products
Incredible Google Products and Tools
Microsoft Office
About Banking and Business
Health and Fitness
Vehicles and Automobiles
Property and Real Estate
Jobs and Online Jobs
News, live streaming and dating pays low CPC

Blog Content

2nd factor but very important factor is blog content, one thing is clear that Google likes fresh, unique information only. Copy paste material will hurt your blog into SEO category and Spin articles are very difficult to understand to be-aware from these important things. Remember that your blogs content means a lot for your own blog and also for your Google Adsense earnings as well. Be careful about that and try to write unique information and find some fresh data as well. If your content is unique and your blog have traffic from UK & USA, Canada and Germany etc then you can get maximum earning from Adsense. You can monitor you Adsense account as well, i mean you can control your ads and can see that will category or topic is paying high. As we all knew that our website or blog read from various plate-from like laptops, mobile devices, desktop computers and tablets etc. Adsense Cost Per Click is not affected too much on which type of ads are displaying on mobile or desktop screen. If you have good traffic through desktops and laptops then you can earn good revenue from Adsense. Anyone using WordPress and have good traffic from cell phones and I phone then must install top class plugins likes WP-touch which is good for mobile devices.

Traffic Source

A very important and most effective factor is your blog traffic source, mean which country have maximum traffic on your blog, you can see this clearly though Alexa dot com. You can guess the difference clearly, if your blog have UK and USA and European countries traffic then you can get 2 or 3$ for one click and other hand you can get 0.15 to 0.30$ for each click from traffic of Indian and Bangladesh and Pakistan etc. So keep in mind that you can earn huge amount from European countries traffic.

Ads Formats

Always choose right formats for your ads displaying purpose.Al most every blogger knows that Google Adsense allows 3 ads on a single page. Choose best formats specially text formats because Adsense Pays high CPC for text ads. You can place 300 X 250 in side bar and then place 336X280 on the top or bottom of the post. Try to put ads in text formats as i early told you highest cost per click rate. Just take a quick review of whole post is that pick unique and perfect niche for you blog and then write unique posts and traffic source means a lot for good Adsense earnings. I will suggest to newbies to put one or maximum two ads on single post because readers hates too many ads on a page or in the single post. Experienced and well known blogger can put maximum ads but this is really bad for new blogs so be careful. Please see details in picture.

Personal Interest

Try to write new and interesting thins and choose great topics to write. As i mention early that Google and many other world famous search engines likes unique and fresh content only. So show your personal interest and then converting into the words. Blogging provides great opportunity for everyone to express and share their own experience and personal thoughts.

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