How to Install Alexa Rank Widget on WordPress Blog

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Alexa defines the popularity of a website or a page depending upon the traffic online. Calculation of any website is based on assumptions depending upon the page worth, popularity, inbound links, outbound links, domain authority, hosting information, a social media network and much more. Alexa is another factor that defines it with a refined method and bots. Since the day, Amazon purchased Alexa dot com, numerous changes have been made on each month. If you have not installed the Alexa widget on your website, it will slow down your ranking process even though your website traffic is quite impressive. That method is not working because you can only install the Alexa Rank widget on WordPress blog via free plugins only in 2018.

How to Install Alexa Rank Widget on WordPress Blog

Alexa has already offered a WordPress widget to those who wish to install it on their website. I published different types of content on do, but no Alexa was just n/a (not accessible). When I installed the Alexa widget, believe me, the response was totally different and I took a sigh of relief. When you install it, nothing happens in visible terms but something is going on at the backstage of coding. Your impressions, quick posts, responses, fresh content is calculated quickly. To add Alexa widget is so simple as never seen before. All you need is to round up this widget by downloading it from the

How to Install Alexa Rank Widget on WordPress Blog
How to Install Alexa Rank Widget on WordPress Blog

WordPress website for free. You can download it here for free as a shortcut or download from the zippyshare link. A new section will be added for webmasters to place this widget on their desired position. You can make a button as vertical and square. You have to download this widget from WordPress official portal which is available free of cost for all users.

Follow Step by step process:

Once it has been installed successfully by clicking on “Install Now”, the following message will occur. Now its time to go on “Return to Plugin Page” by clicking on this click. This dialogue box will help you to activate this plug-in for your website by following the “Activate” button. It’s time to click on “Alexa Rank-widget” in all widget. Once you have clicked on Alexa Rank Widget you will see the following two options, you can also choose “First Footer Widget Area” option to show this Alexa widget on the footer of your blog.

People usually forget to replace Website Name, you can write your own website name and title can also be been changed as per to your requirement. As shown in the above picture, you can change the website name, and title as per your own choice as mentioned before. Hope you would like it. Once you have installed your Alexa Widget for your blog, make sure that you have changed your website name on a widget box and then save it on your blog. The main goal of providing “How to Install Alexa Rank Widget on WordPress Blog” information is to help young bloggers. Remember to configure your plugin with your desired domain name where you have to install it and activate it on your blog. Once your domain name is replaced, your website name will be visible on your website at sidebar.

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