Internet Wala Love 7 November 2018 Written Update – Aadhya Marriage

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Written Update: Internet Wala Love 7 November 2018 Written Update at DOIT dot PK. In today episode, begins with Rupa getting perplexed reasoning cockroach contacted her foot. Aadhya tells that it is a rodent. Does Rupa inquire as to for what reason do you keep the room filthy? Aadhya requests that she go out and says she will come. Rupa says alright and requests that her return quick. She supposes how to get inside now and supposes she has overlooked her handbag inside. She thumps on the entryway and requests that Aadhya open the entryway. Aadhya opens the entryway. Rupa comes inside and checks under the bed on the guise of looking through her handbag. Aadhya gives her tote. Rupa goes out. She supposes something is fishy. Aadhya takes out Jai from her pantry and sprinkles water all over. Jai picks up cognizance and asks don’t you have the disgrace to go to my home as of now.

Internet Wala Love 7 November 2018 Written Update
Internet Wala Love 7 November 2018 Written Update

Internet Wala Love 7 November 2018 Written Update

Aadhya requests that he open his eyes and see all over. Jai is shocked to see her home and asks when did you take me here? Aadhya inquires as to whether he doesn’t recall and tells about Rupa and Samrat getting back home to do some rasam with her. She requests that Jai get up. Jai gets up. Aadhya inquires as to for what reason did you drink and inquires as to whether he is alcoholic? He takes a gander at her. Aadhya says you don’t hear me out.

Jai requests that she go and do rasam. He endeavors to go and opens the window, yet observes Samrat remaining outside. He says I can’t go now. Aadhya thinks what to do, how to influence him to go out. She turns out grasping the dresses. Rupa gets up and inquires as to for what reason are you bringing the boutique of salwar suit. Jai is sitting behind her while attempting to get away. She requests that Rupa select what to wear. Rupa solicits her to wear one from the dress. Jai goes to Shubhankar’s room hidingly and understands that he is in Shubhankar’s room.

Aadhya thinks about Rupa’s words that in the event that they get Kuldevta’s favors at that point even God can’t stop their marriage. She supposes Jai attempted to spare me, however, I think this is my fate. She requests that Pratibha call Aadhya. Pratibha calls Aadhya and thumps on her entryway. Aadhya thinks Jai is furious with me, who will spare me now from this rasam. Jai is stowing away under Shubhankar’s overnight boardinghouse the letter which Aadhya has composed for Shubhankar and educating him that she would prefer not to wed Samrat as she detects peril to her. Jai thinks Aadhya attempted to tell Shubhankar, however, I figured she would prefer not to tell.

She supposes for what reason did this letter is doing under the bed. He considers Aadhya and understands that she was powerless. He supposes to make Shubhankar perused this letter. Pandit ji requests that they bring Sindoor box. Rupa requests that they acquire it enhanced puja plate. Jai keeps the letter in the puja thali and trusts Shubhankar understands it. Shubhankar comes and takes the plate. Pandit ji requests that Shubhankar do the aarti first. Rupa says first Samrat will apply tika to Aadhya’s temple with sindoor. Pandit ji says yes. Samrat takes a touch of sindoor in his grasp.

Aadhya gets strained. Shubhankar gets befuddled and prevents Samrat from filling Aadhya’s maang with sindoor. He stops Samrat and reveals to Rupa that in their home, they don’t get unmarried young lady’s temple loaded up with sindoor before marriage. Rupa says not an issue and requests that Samrat and Aadhya make each other wear the ring favored by God. Shubhankar asks what is the date today? Diya says third. Shubhankar says this rasam can’t occur today and my mum’s demise commemoration is on tomorrow and it will begin after 12 today. Pratibha says maa ji’s commemoration is in one month from now.

Rupa says all courses of action are done at this point. Shubhankar says you would have let me know before coming here. Rupa says they have numerous issues in their marriage and requests that he get it. Shubhankar says I may state indeed, however, recall that today is my mum’s passing commemoration and in the event that we know this rasam at that point Samrat’s life may be in threat. Rupa requests that he talk great and says as your desire. Shubhankar advises Pratibha to make Prasad and says they will do satyanarayan puja. Pandit ji says let’s do aarti. They do aarti. Samrat takes a gander at Shubhankar. Rupa says we will take off. Shubhankar requests that she get Tilak. Rupa says Pandit ji is getting late. They clear out.

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