Ishqbaaz 14 November 2018 Written Update – Anika & Shivaye Unite

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Popular serial Ishqbaaz 14 November 2018 Written Update. Find Ishqbaaz all episodes written updates in a single post. Shivaye is on a work call. He sees Rudra clearing out. He gets another call. He gets stunned seeing Tej’s call. He says possibly its another person. He gets strained. Roop plays Tej’s voice recording on the call. Shivaye furiously breaks the telephone. He supposes who is doing this, Rudra simply left and he was on the telephone, is he doing this to demonstrate me distraught. He says Rudra wouldn’t do that. Gauri tosses garments in resentment. She says I m furious on your sibling, he destroyed my sister’s life, I realize he is vexed, yet he demolished the marriage. Om says I realize he is fouling up, how might I clarify him, he never tunes in to anybody, Shivaye and I are not on great terms.

Ishqbaaz 14 November 2018 Written Update
Ishqbaaz 14 November 2018 Written Update

Ishqbaaz 14 November 2018 Written Update

She says Anika and my connection is as yet the equivalent, I will wreck devastation here, this is my conduct, you and your siblings got great spouses, if Bhavya and I get alone, at that point you will know. Shivaye gets some information about the shoes he got. He asks did you placed something in the shoes. The worker says no, Anika instructed me to take shots in the plate. Shivaye asks did anybody take shoes from you. The worker says Rudra requested that I get the charger, I left shoes with him for quite a while. Shivaye thinks did Rudra include the fiery remains in my shoes, is he doing this, I will converse with Anika. Om and Gauri contend.  She says I m extremely irate, simply go, hear me out. He says I need to perceive what you do when you are irate. She holds his neckline. Jo Na Keh purpose tum plays She relaxes his hair. Om says be appreciative that I didn’t cull your hair. Om chuckles and says I will converse with Shivaye. Om embraces her.

Shivaye gets out Anika. He asks did you see Anika. A worker says no. Shivaye gets some information about her. Gauri gets furious and asks is this some joke, I don’t comprehend, what do you need, you destroyed her life, you requested that her go out, when she abandoned, you are getting some information about her, you ought to be glad, she extremely left, she attempted her best to keep the marriage. He asks where did she go. She says I don’t have a clue, I would have not let you know regardless of whether I knew it. She goes. Shivaye says she left, how might she leave that way, where is Anika, I should locate her out, I will ring her. He calls Anika.

He yells Khanna. Khanna says she didn’t illuminate me. Shivaye says then discover. Khanna says possibly she went to her close relative’s home. Shivaye says I will go and discover her, call me in the event that you know anything. He goes to auntie’s home. He finds the entryway bolted. He gets some information about Anika’s close relative. The man says she isn’t here for a couple of days. Shivaye says it implies Anika didn’t come here, where should I search for her, I don’t have the foggiest idea about any of her companions, I do not understand, Anika knows every little thing about me, yet I didn’t endeavor to think about her, in what capacity will I discover her. He calls somebody.

Shivaye returns home. Nani asks did you discover something. Shivaye says I didn’t discover Anika, did any of you get her call. Rudra says we attempted, however, her number was off. Shivaye requests that Bhavya utilize her sources and discover her. Bhavya requests that her not stress. Gauri is available to come back to work. Shivaye takes telephone and asks where are you, Anika. He says sorry and gives telephone back. Gauri says I was conversing with my planner. Shivaye says you would know in regards to Anika, is she fine, let me know. She says I know where she is, however, I won’t let you know. Shivaye says Om please clarify Gauri.

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