Ishqbaaz 14 November 2018 Written Update

Ishqbaaz 21st December 2017 Written Update – Shivika Bad Accident

Famous Ishqbaaz 21st December 2017 Written Update at doit dot pk. Amazing Ishqbaaz 21 December 2017 Written Update online.  Anika flees from the goons and tumbles down. Om says Om doesn’t exist without Shiv, and Ru doesn’t exist without Om, Shiv, Om, Ru. Tej yells enough. Shivaye thumps the goons. Carlos hit him with a bat. Some time prior, Shivaye gets ready to bat. Anika calls him. He doesn’t reply. She says by what method will I let him know, I will simply go to that land and let him know. She takes off. Carlos begins playing. Shivaye bats and hits a goon. He requests that do you need to play more. He hits another two shots. He requests that Carlos abandon the land in one hour else… Carlos asks else? Shivaye goes to his auto and drives around. He clears out. The goon says he resembles Dhoni, he has hit a six even at the last ball. Tej chats accessible if the need arises about his gatherings. Pinky requests pickles.

Ishqbaaz 21st December 2017 Written Update
Ishqbaaz 21st December 2017 Written Update

Ishqbaaz 21st December 2017 Written Update

Tej asks wouldn’t you be able to talk in a low tone, wouldn’t you be able to see I m accessible if the need arises. They begin contending. Pinky says you have made Shivaye leave and as yet utilizing the things he got, Shivaye got these sustenance plates. Anika goes to the place and gets some information about her better half Shivaye. She depicts Shivaye. The man says she is Shivaya’s better half. Carlos says I have seen him, now I will see you and demonstrate to him the results of fouling up with me. She gets encompassed by goons. They snicker.

Tej says in the event that I knew Shivaye got this porcelain, I would have not utilized this. Pinky asks don’t you know Shivaye assembled the whole business realm. They contend. He tosses the plates. Dadi says you can break the things got by Shivaye, in what capacity will you evacuate his recollections. Tej says when a man is out of the heart, there is the wrong spot for his recollections. Amaru looks on. Shivaye says I advised Anika not to go out, but rather she doesn’t hear me out.

He sees Anika and asks where were you, say something. He gets stunned seeing her and asks how could you get injured, let me know. She says I went to discover you and FB indicates Anika asking what’s this bad conduct. Carlos and his goons say Shivaye gotten out of hand, he doesn’t know he can’t empty this land. She reproves them. Carlos says I m the lord of this place. He holds her hand and asks what will you do, let me know. She pushes him and runs. They pursue her. She tumbles down and gets hit by a stone. Carlos says I don’t converse with ladies, go and tell your legend, on the off chance that he is a man, he should come here and talk. FB closes. Anika cries. Shivaye holds her hand and says accompany me. They take off.

Tej ruins things. Jhanvi says quietly down. He says I won’t find a sense of contentment till I toss Shivaye’s things. Pinky says you will get my revile. Dadi says enough, don’t recognize what will Omru experience knowing this. Amaru comes there. Om says Dadi, if Tej stressed for us, things wouldn’t have achieved this point, we are not shocked seeing this. He says I heard Tej is tossing everything identified with Shivaye. Tej says you heard it right, I will delete his personality from this house. Om says then evacuate my heart as well, he will dependably be there in my heart.

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