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Jamai Raja Written Update – A to Z All Episodes

Written Updates: Find out all Jamai Raja Written Update online. This is the last episode Jamai Raja Written Update here at doit. The Episode begins with Satya revealing to God that you have taken all my haziness and now there will be not much. Kareena comes to give the wrong prescription to Mahi. Mahi awakens when something tumbles down. She is stunned to see Kareena there and calls Satya. Satya comes there and sees Kareena. Mahi requests that he get her. Anupama comes and asks what was the deal? Mahi reveals to her that Kareena came here and was changing her meds when something tumbled down and she woke up. Payal sees the medication and says this is the same prescription as I gave Mahi. She says she will converse with Doctor and Satya. Satya keeps running behind Kareena, yet she gets away.

Jamai Raja Written Update
Jamai Raja Written Update

Jamai Raja Written Update

Specialist reveals to them that the prescription isn’t right and on the off chance that it is given to the pregnant lady, it will make her condition declined. Payal inquires as to whether Mahi’s condition is on the grounds that of this drug. Specialist says might be and tells that she will complete a test to analyze the medication influence. Satya discloses to her that Mahi’s wellbeing is his best generally need. Kareena supposes she will just murder Mahi’s youngsters and will end Khuranas. She says then just her mum’s vengeance will be finished. The specialist does Mahi’s test. Mahi turns out and discloses to Satya that her she and twins are fine. Specialist discloses to Satya that whatever happened to Mahi was a result of the phony medication, yet now she is superbly fine. Satya says Kareena was behind the phony prescription and guarantees Mahi that he won’t let Kareena’s dark reflection draw close to her.

At home, Mitul requests that worker change pads. Anupama comes and requests that her do kitchen work. Mitul says why I will do all work. Anupama supposes she is great. Satya considers Inspector and tells that he is feeling as though Kareena will accomplish something awful. He at that point asks the gatekeepers not to let any more abnormal come inside, and requests that they call him outside in the event that they presume anybody. He says Kareena will accomplish something doubtlessly. Raj comes and inquires as to whether all is well.

Satya says yes. Payal discloses to Mahi that she is exceptionally fortunate as they have pardoned her. She says I had guaranteed my sister that I will love you definitely, however never gave you adore. She gets passionate and cries. Satya comes and says mother-girl enthusiastic minute began again and says you are Mahi’s jaan and that is the reason mine moreover. Payal grins and requests that he bring Mahi ground floor and goes. Satya reveals to Mahi that they will remain in the space for at some point. He couldn’t embrace her and says kids are coming inbetween us. He says I cherish you mahi and is going to kiss her. Mahi says dadu… Satya looks on.. Mahi kisses on his cheeks and goes. Satya holds his cheeks joyfully.

Mahi comes and sits for her godh bharayi rasam. Satya and Raj grins. Kareena comes wearing ghunghat and takes out blade to wound her. Mahi yells Satya. Satya holds the blade at right minute, yet Mahi tumbles down. Kareena escapes and keeps running out and about. Satya pursues her. Mahi feels most extreme torment. Satya and Bodyguards pursue Kareena. Kareena couldn’t see the truck originating from inverse bearing and slam into it. She kicks the bucket in a split second. Satya sees her lying in a pool of blood. He gets Payal’s call. She requests that he return home quick as Payal’s condition is basic. They take Mahi to healing facility. Specialist advises that they need to work Mahi now itself and advises that there is a hazard to both mother and infants’ life. Satya gets stressed.

Specialist works on Mahi and leaves OT, educates Satya that he is honored with both girl and a child. She salutes them. Anupama salutes Raj. Raj says his amazing child made a twofold impact of joy. Satya and others go to Mahi. They take the children. Satya gets enthusiastic and says my family I am nothing without them, without all of you… He says I have constantly imparted my satisfaction and distresses to all of you. He requests that everybody consider Jamai word important and after that just that jamai will move toward becoming raja. He requests that they recall him in supplications and take selfie with Mahi, his children and family.

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